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Kerwe in Sandhausen

Kerwe is a popular folk festival in every community in the south of Germany. It is a special fair procession that takes place every year. Every Assozi

WissembourgOct 2022

Wissembourg is a French local community in the Alsace nearby the German border. It's old town is surrounded partially by a town fortification. You

An evening in Maikammer,  Kulturhof 1590

A nice location for wine and events presented by Hannah and Sascha, two young winemakers. Every tuesday you can get french pizza, cheese and a sele

A day in Colmar

A romantic town in the northwest of France nearby the German border. The town is characterized by cobblestones on the streets and half-timbered house

Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg is a nice university town in the Southwest of Germany. It has a midieval citycenter wehre little creeks flow through the streets. The city i

Spatschlucht in Schriesheim

It is an interesting location concerning geology and a nice place for wanderers. For children it is an adventure to Coimbra.

South-Vietnamese Women Museum

This is an amazing place that shows us the female heroes of the fight for Vietnamese freedom and independence. You need google translate to read the d

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Hồ Chí Minh City Museum

Ein wunderbares Museum mit sehr schönem Garten. Die Geschichte von Ho Chi Min City wird an Hand von Exponaten und plastischen Szenen aus dem Alltagsl

Bảo tàng Y học Cổ truyền Việt Nam / Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine

This is hands down the most beautiful museum I have visited in Saigon so far. The museum explains how Vietnamese medicine works and about its traditio

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War Remnants Museum

WARNING: A LOT OF THE PICTURES ARE VERY GRAPHIC IN NATURE. War remanants Museum is a must visit for everyone coming to Vietnam. It shows the perils o