Kerwe in Sandhausen

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Visited on Oct 2022

Kerwe is a popular folk festival in every community in the south of Germany. It is a special fair procession that takes place every year. Every Assoziation of a village participates in the Kerwe. They take part in a big move with music and dancing. In Sandhausen the highlight is the marriage of the Kerweschlumpel to the Kerweborscht. The speech is made by the Kerweschlackel. The wedding is made by a "priest". Because the Kerweschlumpel is a great attraction she has to be brought to a safe place (in the top floor of the town hall). Young men of the neighbour village try to kidnap her. If the Kerweschlumpel is kidnapped the young men demand random- usually a lot of beerdigt and s shnapps. The Kerwe ends soweit days later with the burning of the Kerweschlumpel.

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Nele Lenze

Nele Lenze

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