Palakkayam Thattu

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2021

Sure the views of the Western Ghat mountains are great, also the adventure activities like zip line. But the real star of the place is the field of lights they turn on after 7pm. Colorful small bulbs are placed in a huge portion of the mountain, they light up and shimmer in blue, red, yellow and green making the whole area an incredible art project. This I would say is the only time Kerala Tourism tried something really creative on the many many beautiful mountain peaks we have here. I hope they havent ran out of ideas just by making this. Aside from the beauty and the views of the place, Palakayamthattu is packed with people and vehicles in the evening. The lights really do attract a lot of locals. The access roads are steep and broken so the drive up and coming down is very difficult. Make sure that the vehicle can hold steep slopes and that is has great brakes. Also do expect traffic blocks on these really bad and narrow roads. The fee for entry is 45, which is worth it and for two wheelers, they charge 20 for parking.

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