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This is one true hidden gem. Accessibility is super easy, there is a road till the top of the peak.

The from up top is amazing. With stark difference to the viewpoints in Western Ghats, this one offers amazing view of the plains and the sea below. As you can imagine, the sunset from here is out of the world(we did not see the sunset though, it started raining. Information from people who visted before ;)). 

The peak is covered with grasses that feels almost like silk on your legs. The small pathways through the grasslands, along with the silky grass makes you feel as if you are at an European hill side. 

Also, from here you can witness the super cool and super creepy phenomina "super mirage". The boats and ships at the far away sea appears as if they are floating in the air. This is due to the bending of light by the atmosphere.
Nithin Mathew

Visited on Nov 2021