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Top 50 attractions to explore in Madera County

Madera is the Spanish term for wood. The county derives its name from the town of Madera, named when the California Lumber Company built a log flume to carry lumber to the Central Pacific Railroad there in 1876.

Banner PeakBanner Peak, California, USA
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

This is the most picturesque peak in the Sierra Nevada. It is the second highest peak in the Ritter Range. The mountain is 12,942 feet tall, and there are several glaciers on its slopes. It lies within the boundaries of the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Banner Peak is most photogenic from the northeast: it seems to be floating on the vast 2-mile wide waters of Thousand Island Lake, while bulky Mount Ritter is hidden from view

Bass LakeBass Lake, CA, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds
Boating Spots

Bass Lake is one of California's premier boating, swimming and sailing lakes. It is nearly five miles long and is surrounded by beautiful pine trees. Boat launching facilities, mooring and rentals are available at several Bass Lake marinas.Most of the land around the lake is part of the Sierra National Forest. The U.S. Forest Service designated the lake an official Recreation Area and has developed campgrounds and picnic areas on the south shore of the lake.

Buena Vista LakeBuena Vista Lake, California, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Buena Vista is a man-made site located approximately 25 miles southwest of Bakersfield. It was the second largest of several similar lakes in the Tulare Lake basin, and was fed by the waters of the Kern River. A good camping location and also there are so many interesting locations to see and do.

Devils Postpile National MonumentDevils Postpile Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA

Devils Postpile National Monument is a United States national monument located in Madera County in the Sierra Nevada region of the state of California.The monument protects Devils Postpile, an unusual rock formation of columnar basalt. It encompasses 798 acres and includes two main attractions: the Devils Postpile formation and Rainbow Falls, a waterfall on the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River.

Eastman LakeEastman Lake, Raymond, CA 93653, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

A beautiful artificial lake in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Madera County, California. The 1,780-acre lake is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers and serves as flood control, irrigation, and recreation. Waterskiing, fishing, and swimming are favorite activities at the lake. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also attracts many tourists.

Fresno DomeFresno Dome, California 93644, USA
Man-made Structures- Other
Old Ruins

Fresno Dome is better defined by the Mono Indians as "the greeting place". The dome as known to the Mono Indians as "the greeting place". John Muir encountered Fresno Dome, calling it "Wamello", in the 1870s, and used its summit to locate Fresno Grove.The campground is a favorite spot for deer hunters and is largely empty other than during deer season.

Friant DamFriant Dam, Friant, CA 93626, USA

A majestic gravity dam on the San Joaquin River in central California in the United States, on the boundary of Fresno and Madera Counties. Friant Dam was originally proposed in the 1930s as a main feature of the Central Valley Project, a federal water project that would involve building an expansive system of dams and canals on the rivers of the Central Valley to provide water for agriculture, with secondary purposes of flood control, municipal supply, and hydroelectric power generation.

Garnet LakeGarnet Lake, California, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

A beautiful lake in Madera, which is surrounded by mountains and also there are so many things to do. It is a good fishing spot and also you can swim and there is also so any leisure activities possible.

Hensley LakeHensley Lake, Raymond, CA 93653, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

A beautiful lake surrounded by the oak woodlands of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The 1,500 acre lake was created by the construction of Hidden Dam on the Fresno River. The dam is 163 feet high, 5,730 feet long and has a capacity of 90,000 acre feet of water. It is one of the iconic location for a picnic and also there are so many other recreational activities possible.

Hidden DamHidden Dam, Raymond, CA 93653, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Hidden Dam is an earthen dam on the Fresno River in Madera County, California. It creates a reservoir known as Hensley Lake.It was built in 1975 .The dam is under federal ownership and is owned by the Cespk. It is also known as Hensley Lake. The reservoir it creates, Hensley Lake, has a water surface of two and a half square miles, over twenty miles of shoreline, and has a maximum storage capacity of 90,000 acre-feet.

Hoover LakesHoover Lakes, California, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Hoover Lakes is a lake inside of Yosemite National Park. it is one of the iconic attraction inside the wilderness and is a beautiful spot for a trek.

Inyo National Forest351 Pacu Ln #200, Bishop, CA 93514, USA

Inyo National Forest is located in California's beautiful Eastern Sierra. It offers clean air, crystal blue skies, mountain lakes and streams, challenging trails, high mountain peaks, and beautiful views. The forest hosts several superlatives, including Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States; Boundary Peak, the highest point in Nevada; and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, which protects the oldest living trees in the world.

Iron LakesIron Lakes, California 93604, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Iron Lakes is a lake in Madera County and has an elevation of 8238 feet. It is one of the iconic location where you cans pend some beautiful time by fishing and so many other leisure activities.

Joe Crane LakeJoe Crane Lake, California, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Joe Crane Lake is a lake inside of Ansel Adams Wilderness. It is one of the beautiful lakes in the forest and is famous for fishing and also trekiing is possible here.

John Muir TrailJohn Muir Trail, Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA
10+ Day Treks

A beautiful trail, which is 211 miles long and runs from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, in California. Winding through the famed Sierra Nevada, the JMT visits some of the crown jewels of America’s park system. The vast majority of the trail is situated within designated wilderness. The trail passes through large swaths of alpine and high mountain scenery, and lies almost entirely at or above 8,000 feet in elevation. The trail has been described as "America's most famous trail.

Lillian LakeLillian Lake, California, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

A beautiful lake which is situated in the middle of forest and mountains and is famous for fishing and also for swimming. you can have a good trek for reaching here and also there are so many other leisure opportunities too.

Madera PeakMadera Peak, California, USA
1 Day Treks
Mountain Peaks

Madera Peak is located just south of the copper mining town of Miami, Arizona, and is the northernmost summit in the Pinal Mountains. It is a prominent peak when viewed from the west side. From the summit of Madera Peak one gains great views of a vast complex of high ranges including Ritter Range, the Sierra crest, Silver Divide, Yosemite boundary divide, and Clark Range.

Millerton LakeMillerton Lake, California 93626, USA
Millerton Lake State Recreation AreaCA-145, Friant, CA 93626, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds

Millerton Lake is located in the southern portion of California's Central Valley in Fresno and Madera counties. The lake lies in the upper San Joaquin River Watershed. Its main purposes are reclamation, flood control, irrigation, and recreation.Secondary uses include flood control and recreation, including swimming, fishing, water skiing and camping.

Map of attractions in Madera County