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Iron Lakes - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Iron Lakes, California 93604, USA

Lake/ River/ Ponds

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About Iron Lakes

Iron Lakes is a lake in Madera County and has an elevation of 8238 feet. It is one of the iconic location where you cans pend some beautiful time by fishing and so many other leisure activities.

Attractions Near Iron Lakes

Star Lakes
Star Lakes5.05km from Iron Lakes

The Star Lakes is located in Madera County, California, United States. It is one of the beautiful trekking destination and also fishing and swimming is possible here.

Fresno Dome
Fresno Dome5.35km from Iron Lakes

Fresno Dome is better defined by the Mono Indians as "the greeting place". The dome as known to the Mono Indians as "the greeting place". John Muir encountered Fresno Dome, calling it "Wamello", in the 1870s, and used its summit to locate Fresno Grove.The campground is a favorite spot for deer hunters and is largely empty other than during deer season.

Nelder Grove
Nelder Grove10.54km from Iron Lakes

A Giant sequoia grove located in the western Sierra Nevada within the Sierra National Forest, in Madera County, California. It contains a number of sequoia stumps, remaining from when the grove's ancient trees were logged in the late 1870s to 1890s.

Madera Peak
Madera Peak11.89km from Iron Lakes

Madera Peak is located just south of the copper mining town of Miami, Arizona, and is the northernmost summit in the Pinal Mountains. It is a prominent peak when viewed from the west side. From the summit of Madera Peak one gains great views of a vast complex of high ranges including Ritter Range, the Sierra crest, Silver Divide, Yosemite boundary divide, and Clark Range.

Buena Vista Lake
Buena Vista Lake12.3km from Iron Lakes

Buena Vista is a man-made site located approximately 25 miles southwest of Bakersfield. It was the second largest of several similar lakes in the Tulare Lake basin, and was fed by the waters of the Kern River. A good camping location and also there are so many interesting locations to see and do.

Hoover Lakes
Hoover Lakes13.18km from Iron Lakes

Hoover Lakes is a lake inside of Yosemite National Park. it is one of the iconic attraction inside the wilderness and is a beautiful spot for a trek.

Where is Iron Lakes

Discover More Attractions in Madera County, Where Iron Lakes Is Located

Madera County
Madera County
50 attractions

Madera is the Spanish term for wood. The county derives its name from the town of Madera, named when the California Lumber Company built a log flume to carry lumber to the Central Pacific Railroad there in 1876.