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Eastman Lake - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Eastman Lake, Raymond, CA 93653, USA

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About Eastman Lake

A beautiful artificial lake in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Madera County, California. The 1,780-acre lake is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers and serves as flood control, irrigation, and recreation. Waterskiing, fishing, and swimming are favorite activities at the lake. It is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also attracts many tourists.

Attractions Near Eastman Lake

Hensley Lake
Hensley Lake14.01km from Eastman Lake

A beautiful lake surrounded by the oak woodlands of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The 1,500 acre lake was created by the construction of Hidden Dam on the Fresno River. The dam is 163 feet high, 5,730 feet long and has a capacity of 90,000 acre feet of water. It is one of the iconic location for a picnic and also there are so many other recreational activities possible.

Hidden Dam
Hidden Dam14.66km from Eastman Lake

Hidden Dam is an earthen dam on the Fresno River in Madera County, California. It creates a reservoir known as Hensley Lake.It was built in 1975 .The dam is under federal ownership and is owned by the Cespk. It is also known as Hensley Lake. The reservoir it creates, Hensley Lake, has a water surface of two and a half square miles, over twenty miles of shoreline, and has a maximum storage capacity of 90,000 acre-feet.

Wassama Round House | State Historic Park

The Wassama Round House State Historic Park is in the Sierra Nevada foothills, in Madera County of central California. It preserves the traditional meeting place of the Southern Sierra Miwok people. Here, ancient customs of local Native California Indians are honored and passed down to younger generations.The Wassama Roundhouse is a reconstruction built in 1985 upon the location of four previous such houses.

Quady Winery
Quady Winery32.63km from Eastman Lake

A famous winery founded in the year 1975 which specialises in sweet and aperitif wines. Visitors are allowed to see their factory and can taste and study about the making of wines.

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area
Millerton Lake State Recreation Area33.59km from Eastman Lake

Millerton Lake is located in the southern portion of California's Central Valley in Fresno and Madera counties. The lake lies in the upper San Joaquin River Watershed. Its main purposes are reclamation, flood control, irrigation, and recreation.Secondary uses include flood control and recreation, including swimming, fishing, water skiing and camping.

Friant Dam
Friant Dam34.49km from Eastman Lake

A majestic gravity dam on the San Joaquin River in central California in the United States, on the boundary of Fresno and Madera Counties. Friant Dam was originally proposed in the 1930s as a main feature of the Central Valley Project, a federal water project that would involve building an expansive system of dams and canals on the rivers of the Central Valley to provide water for agriculture, with secondary purposes of flood control, municipal supply, and hydroelectric power generation.

Where is Eastman Lake

Discover More Attractions in Madera County, Where Eastman Lake Is Located

Madera County
Madera County
50 attractions

Madera is the Spanish term for wood. The county derives its name from the town of Madera, named when the California Lumber Company built a log flume to carry lumber to the Central Pacific Railroad there in 1876.