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Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in the world, with the highest nominal wealth per adult and the eighth-highest per capita GDP. It ranks at or near the top in several international metrics, including economic competitiveness and human development.

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Viewing Decks to Explore in Switzerland

Aussichtsturm Altberg

The Altberg observation tower is a 30 meter high observation tower on the Altberg in the municipality of Dänikon in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. It is one of the youngest observation towers in the Canton of Zurich. A display next to the tower lists all donors from 100 francs. There is also a small plaque above every step of the stairs to mention all donations of CHF 500.

Aussichtsturm Hochwacht Wildensbuch

This 36-meter wooden tower was located in well-developed hiking trails and can be easily reached from the surrounding villages. It offers a wonderful view of the charming and diverse Zurich wine county. The tower is a joint project of the former civil parish of Wildensbuch. The viewing platform is ascended via 186 steps and 2 intermediate landings. Next to the tower, there are various seats and a display board with the most important data of the tower.

Aussichtsturm Petersboden

The Petersboden observation tower is a 25-meter high observation tower in the municipality of Rorbas in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The tower is a donation from master builder Walter Egg - Gattiker. He built it in 1978 for the 100th anniversary of his company. The observation tower can only be reached on foot. From the parking lot at the highest point of the "Alte Bütbergstrasse," you can reach the Petersboden tower in about 15 minutes via a well-developed hiking trail with no great di

Bantiger TV Tower

Bantiger TV Tower is a 196 meter tall tower used for FM- and TV-transmission on the Bantiger mountain. The access to the deck goes via a stairway, which is not inside the tower, but in a lattice tower attached to the tower's main structure.


The Chutzenturm is a 45-meter high wooden observation tower with a viewing platform in the Frienisberg area. It offers great views of the Alps. It offers the view of the Bern city, Lake Biel, and the Swiss plateau. The view from the tower is truly a treat to the eyes and also it is a challenging task to climb the tower.


Estherlitum is an observation tower from reinforced concrete in the south of Lenzburg in Switzerland. The Esterliturm in its current form was built in 1974 by the local community. The tower has a height of 48 m and is composed of 19 concrete pipe elements. The viewing platform offers the visitor a unique panoramic view of the canton of Aargau.

ETH Zürich Hauptgebäude

As of August 2018, 32 Nobel laureates, 4 Fields Medalists, and 1 Turing Award winner have been affiliated with the Institute, including Albert Einstein!


The Gempenturm is an observation tower on the Gempenplateau in the municipality of Gempen in the canton of Solothurn . The steel lattice tower has five floors and was built in 1897. You can reach the viewing platform at a height of 28 meters via 115 steps. It offers a view of the Basel area, Alsace and the Vosges, Basel and the Black Forest, making it a popular destination.


The Hagenturm is a 40 meter high steel lattice tower near Merishausen on the Randen . It was built in 1989 on behalf of the federal government in just three weeks and replaced an earlier tower that was built for surveying purposes. The design comes from the Schaffhausen engineer Erwin Klaiber. The tower stands at 908.5 meters above sea level, about 93 meters south of the highest point in the canton of Schaffhausen .

Il spir

The viewing platform Il Spir is located just a few minutes from Conn. It offers a unique 180-degree view over the Little Swiss Canyon, the Ruinaulta gorge. From Flims Waldhaus you can reach the viewing platform via hiking trails through the Flims forest in about one hour.

Napoleonturm Hohenrain

A wonderful panoramic view awaits you on the viewing platform of the Napoleon Tower, which can be reached via 200 steps. The current tower is not the first, however, as early as 1829 Louis Napoléon III. the "Belvedère Zu Hohenrain" built. The best way to get to the tower is on the hiking trail or by bike on the Seerücken Route between Wäldi and Helsighausen.

Randenturm Beringen

The Beringer Randenturm is a steel frame construction built in 1998 above Beringen on the Randen in the canton of Schaffhausen . It is 26 meters high and offers a wide view of the Klettgau and the Alps. The viewing platform can be reached via 137 steps and six intermediate landings. There are two seats and four panorama boards on this platform.

Silo Tower Basel

The Silo Tower of Basel is located in the Swiss city of Basel, in the Rhine harbour of Kleinhueningen, near the Dreiländereck. The silo tower was built in 1923 by a Swiss shipping company. Its viewing platform stands at a height of 52 metres, which offers a view of the Rhine, the Rhine harbour, the city of Basel, and the Sundgauer hill country. It is one of the unique attractions in the city and also offers a panoramic view of the city.

Tour de Moron

The Tour de Moron stands on the mountain of the same name in the municipality of Valbirse in the canton of Bern. It was designed by the architect Mario Botta. The project was launched to promote the masonry profession and to introduce apprentices to masonry. The tower, built-in 2004 from limestone, concrete, and steel, is 30.80 meters high. 209 steps lead to the viewing platform at a height of 26 meters. The platform offers a view over the Jura to the Bernese Alps.

Uetliberg Lookout Tower

Landmark steel-truss tower with an open observation platform & panoramic views of Zurich & the Alps.

Wil Tower

The Wil Tower is a wooden observation tower that was built in the forest of Wil in Switzerland. The tower site is located some 747 meters above sea level. It was opened for public use on 8 July 2006. The tower is an open structure, rising on 6 slanted columns from three equidistant ground support points. A circular stairway rises in the center of the columns, opening onto a roofed observation deck. Although the structure rises some 34 meters above the ground, the deck is barely above the surroun

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