Aussichtsturm Petersboden in Schaffhausen, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Aussichtsturm Petersboden

8180 Bülach, Switzerland

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About Aussichtsturm Petersboden

The Petersboden observation tower is a 25-meter high observation tower in the municipality of Rorbas in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.  The tower is a donation from master builder Walter Egg - Gattiker. He built it in 1978 for the 100th anniversary of his company. The observation tower can only be reached on foot. From the parking lot at the highest point of the "Alte Bütbergstrasse," you can reach the Petersboden tower in about 15 minutes via a well-developed hiking trail with no great di

Attractions near Aussichtsturm Petersboden

Irchel3.92km from Aussichtsturm Petersboden

The Irchel is an elevation in the Canton of Zürich, located at the Rhine between the Töss and Thur rivers, on the territory of Buch am Irchel, Berg am Irchel and Freienstein-Teufen, separating the Andelfingen and Bülach districts. It is an outlying ridge of the Jura, rising to 694 m, lying east of the Lägern. Historically, it was part of the Germanic Limes. The name is from a Helvetic word for "stag".

Katzensee12.92km from Aussichtsturm Petersboden

Katzensee is a lake on the border of the city of Zürich and Regensdorf in the Canton of Zürich, Switzerland. Its surface area is 36 ha (89 acres). There's also the public bath/lido Strandbad Katzensee on its southernly shore.

Ruins of Radegg12.94km from Aussichtsturm Petersboden

The Ruins of Radegg are the ruins of a spur castle built around the year 1200 in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland and destroyed around the year 1300. It is located high above the Wangental on a spur of the Rossberg which drops off steeply on three sides in Osterfingen in the municipality of Wilchingen.

MFO Park14.27km from Aussichtsturm Petersboden

The MFO-Park is a public park in the Oerlikon quarter of the Swiss city of Zürich. The area to the north of Zürich Oerlikon railway station was once home to the extensive works of Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon, as a site that has now been redeveloped as Neu Oerlikon. As part of that redevelopment, four new parks were created, including the MFO-Park, which was created on the footprint of one of MFO's buildings.

Husemersee14.51km from Aussichtsturm Petersboden

A beautiful lake located in the heart of Thurgau and it is apt for a one day tour. You can swim and also fishing is possible here.  From Ossingen train station, the Husemersee can be reached in a 30mins walk.

Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen15.53km from Aussichtsturm Petersboden

The Schaffhausen Region has a unique, traditional cultural landscape. The Randen hills, the vast vineyards, and the Rhine, define this region. The park has an area of 161 square kilometers. Unique in Switzerland is the fact that the park perimeter goes beyond the country's borders.

Where is Aussichtsturm Petersboden

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Schaffhausen23 attractions

Schaffhausen is a canton of Switzerland. The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe and lie on the border of the canton of Schaffhausen.