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Keweenaw County is a picturesque area located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, just shy of the northernmost point of the state. This little slice of heaven is nestled between the Superior and Michigan lakes and draws visitors from all around the world to its wonderous beauty. Those who choose to make their home in Keweenaw County are welcomed by crisp fall days with stunning displays of autumn colors, tranquil summers filled with countless outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, or fishing, an

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Manitou Island Lighthouse

Manitou Island Lighthouse has been a beacon of safety for passing ships since 1835. The seventy-foot tall tower features an octagonal brick structure, a seven-foot high lantern room housing the light source and spectacular views of Lake Superior from its observation level. The lighthouse has been an important navigational aid to passing vessels ever since, until it was decommissioned in 1906 followed by restoration in 1988 and automatic lighting technology installed in 2011.

Mendota Lighthouse

The Mendota Lighthouse is a living reminder of the area's nautical heritage. Built on Eagle River in 1868, it has been one of the oldest operating lighthouses in the Great Lakes region. Perched on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior, this beacon serves to guide those traversing the dangerous waters below. Today visitors can still explore the lighthouse and its grounds; however, it remains an active coastline guard and boasts a busy roster of volunteers who keep the light burning bright.

Montreal Falls

Montreal Falls


Montreal Falls is a breathtaking landscape featuring two waterfalls meandering down the cliffs created by ancient rocks that were formed millions of years ago. The 70-foot arch bridge over the picturesque waterfall gives visitors an unbelievable view and experience. The area surrounding the falls provides perfect hiking trails with unforgettable views of nature's beauty. There are also plenty of picnic sites and campgrounds close to this exciting destination.

Mount Bohemia Ski Resort

Mount Bohemia is a skiing experience unlike any other. Located on the breathtaking shores of Lake Superior, the resort is known for its high-octane powder skiing and challenging terrain. It is the only major ski resort in the area that does not offer groomed runs or snowmaking equipment, making it perfect for those who prefer an untouched, rugged landscape. Its 700-foot vertical drop offers some of the most exhilarating conditions in the Midwest with 50 different trails.

Mount Ojibway Tower

Mount Ojibway Tower

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The Mount Ojibway Tower is a great place to take in the beauty of Lake Superior and the surrounding area. Standing at 100 feet tall atop Copper Peak, the observation tower was built in 1964 to provide breathtaking views of both the pristine lake and distant mountains. A unique feature of this tower is its three levels of viewing platforms. Visitors can choose from elevated, enclosed gazebo platforms or an open-air deck for spectacular 360 degree panoramic views!

Passage Island Lighthouse

Passage Island Lighthouse is a one of a kind historic structure. Its beautiful granite tower stands 120 feet tall, and has been beautifully restored since it's days as an early navigational aid. The 1924 lighthouse had to be abandoned during the harsh Michigan winters due to damage done by Lake Superior ice buildup, but in 2013 restoration began. A new construction was built over the original foundation and now visitors are drawn to see its unique charm.

Rock Harbor

Rock Harbor

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Rock Harbor is a picturesque fishing village nestled at the tip of Lake Superior. A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Rock Harbor boasts breathtaking views and offers plenty of recreational activities to enjoy. Fishing enthusiasts will love its plentiful opportunities for deep-sea angling, while those looking for a more relaxed vacation can take gentle boat cruises along the harbor or do some bird watching at the local park.

Rock Harbor Lighthouse

The Rock Harbor Lighthouse, is an iconic piece of history. Built in 1847 and still standing proud to this day, its purpose was to serve as a guide for ships navigating through the treacherous waters of Lake Superior. Its light shines brightly over the town below and can be seen from miles away. It is a prime example of architecture from the area in the 1800s and has withstood nearly two centuries of ferocious winter storms on Lake Superior due to its solid rock foundation.

Rock of Ages Lighthouse

Rock of Ages Lighthouse is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses on Lake Superior. Established in 1908, it stands at a height of 124 feet and is a beacon of navigation for ships traversing the lake. The lighthouse was commissioned by the US Government to replace three other lighthouses that had become damaged beyond repair due to the harsh weather conditions on Lake Superior’s northern shore. Today, this historic site still serves as a navigational aid for many ships.

The Keweenaw Snow Thermometer

The Keweenaw Snow Thermometer

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Keweenaw Snow Thermometer created in 1990 by resident Gary Piper, it is believed to be the only snow thermometer in the world that records both temperature and amount of snowfall. Standing thirty-four feet tall and composed of railroad rails topped with an old car jack, it utilizes a threaded rod mounted inside each rail to measure the density of snow. This impressive structure also records temperatures from -60F to +120F and tells the date, time, and temperature when observed at its base.

Voodoo Mountain

Voodoo Mountain


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Voodoo Mountain is a stunning roadside attraction nestled at the top of a mountain. Rising up over 800 feet, it is truly an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Long known as a spiritual site with historical significance to Native Americans, it has recently become a popular tourist destination for those searching for adventure. The site boasts beautiful views of Lake Superior and breathtakingly rugged terrain that provides plenty of hiking paths and overlooks.

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