8 Outdoors- Other to Explore in Keweenaw County

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Keweenaw County

Keweenaw County is a picturesque area located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, just shy of the northernmost point of the state. This little slice of heaven is nestled between the Superior and Michigan lakes and draws visitors from all around the world to its wonderous beauty. Those who choose to make their home in Keweenaw County are welcomed by crisp fall days with stunning displays of autumn colors, tranquil summers filled with countless outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, or fishing, an

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Outdoors- Other to Explore in Keweenaw County

Black Creek Nature Sanctuary

The Black Creek Nature Sanctuary is a tranquil sanctuary filled with natural beauty. The 120 area of mostly forested land provides refuge for a wide variety of wildlife including bald eagles, black bear, timber wolves, and deer. This unique wetland sanctuary includes boardwalks and trailless meadows where visitors can admire the diverse range of ecology in the area. There are several guided tours that allow visitors to explore this special place.

Cliff Mine

Cliff Mine has been a remnant of activity from the area's early days. Serving as a copper mine from 1845 to 1918, it was one of the first and most prominent copper-mining sites in the area. Over time, Cliff Mine became known for its high-grade copper ore for its sulfuric content which helped make it a coveted resource that many other mines had difficulty producing. Although all operations ceased before World War II broke out, Cliff Mine still stands as a famous landmark.

Great Sand Bay

Great Sand Bay, is an unparalleled destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The stunning bay and surrounding forests provide recreation in abundance, with year-round activities available such as kayaking, fishing, and hiking. In the summertime, you can enjoy endless days of sunbathing and lounging on the sandy beach. Winter brings a blanket of snow covering picturesque trails that offer miles of skiing opportunities. You can also explore some of the abandoned buildings.

Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park is a breathtaking destination encompasses an expansive island chain separated from the mainland by Lake Superior and offering an abundance of outdoor activities for its visitors. With multiple trails and waterways, hiking, camping, and kayaking are just some of the activities available throughout the park. Additionally, there are boat tours that allow visitors to explore even deeper into wilderness areas on the many smaller islands off the main landmass.

Keweenaw Rocket Range

Keweenaw Rocket Range is one of the most unique places on Earth. Situated near the stunning Lake Superior coastline, this site was used as a rocket launch facility during the height of the space race. From here, scientists and engineers developed and tested cutting edge technologies that powered brave astronauts to explore and learn about our universe. Each milestone reached at this range further pushed humanity's understanding of what is possible.

Lookout Louise

Lookout Louise is a quaint favorite spot for locals and tourists looking to appreciate the county's stunning scenery. Thanks to its elevation of 885 feet, visitors can take in unrivaled views of Copper Harbor and nearby islands like Isle Royale and Gratiot Lake. Popular activities include mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and simply taking a leisurely stroll on the ridge. Whether you’re fortunate enough to experience one of Michigan's epic sunsets.

Mount Ojibway Tower

The Mount Ojibway Tower is a great place to take in the beauty of Lake Superior and the surrounding area. Standing at 100 feet tall atop Copper Peak, the observation tower was built in 1964 to provide breathtaking views of both the pristine lake and distant mountains. A unique feature of this tower is its three levels of viewing platforms. Visitors can choose from elevated, enclosed gazebo platforms or an open-air deck for spectacular 360 degree panoramic views!

Rock Harbor

Rock Harbor is a picturesque fishing village nestled at the tip of Lake Superior. A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Rock Harbor boasts breathtaking views and offers plenty of recreational activities to enjoy. Fishing enthusiasts will love its plentiful opportunities for deep-sea angling, while those looking for a more relaxed vacation can take gentle boat cruises along the harbor or do some bird watching at the local park.

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