8 Lighthouses to Explore in Keweenaw County

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Keweenaw County

Keweenaw County is a picturesque area located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, just shy of the northernmost point of the state. This little slice of heaven is nestled between the Superior and Michigan lakes and draws visitors from all around the world to its wonderous beauty. Those who choose to make their home in Keweenaw County are welcomed by crisp fall days with stunning displays of autumn colors, tranquil summers filled with countless outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, or fishing, an

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Lighthouses to Explore in Keweenaw County

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

The Eagle Harbor Lighthouse is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful lighthouses in the state. Built in 1851, it marks a major shipping route for vessels entering Lake Superior from the Keweenaw Waterway. The two-story tower was constructed of fieldstone and brick, originally illuminated by an oil lamp until automation in 1922. It stands 54 feet tall and continues to light up brilliantly at night, guiding ships through this busy shipping lane.

Gull Rock Lighthouse

Gull Rock Lighthouse stands proudly off the coast of Keweenaw County, Michigan, as a beacon of safety for seafarers since 1867. Built by the United States Government's Lighthouse Board to warn ships from nearby shoals, this structure is comprised of cast-iron plates that are still as strong and steadfast today as when first constructed. It has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years, but was made stronger with each renovation and renovation after renovation.

Isle Royale (Menagerie Island) Lighthouse

Isle Royale lighthouse, has been guiding wayward ships to safety since 1855. Made of quarry-stone cut limestone, its elegant red and white base stands tall amongst the picturesque Lake Superior shoreline. The lighthouse was originally 71 ½ feet tall with an additional 24-foot tower added in 1898. Accompanied by a wood frame keeper’s quarters, the lighthouse is still intact and the lens is still used to direct ships across the lake at night.

Manitou Island Lighthouse

Manitou Island Lighthouse has been a beacon of safety for passing ships since 1835. The seventy-foot tall tower features an octagonal brick structure, a seven-foot high lantern room housing the light source and spectacular views of Lake Superior from its observation level. The lighthouse has been an important navigational aid to passing vessels ever since, until it was decommissioned in 1906 followed by restoration in 1988 and automatic lighting technology installed in 2011.

Mendota Lighthouse

The Mendota Lighthouse is a living reminder of the area's nautical heritage. Built on Eagle River in 1868, it has been one of the oldest operating lighthouses in the Great Lakes region. Perched on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior, this beacon serves to guide those traversing the dangerous waters below. Today visitors can still explore the lighthouse and its grounds; however, it remains an active coastline guard and boasts a busy roster of volunteers who keep the light burning bright.

Passage Island Lighthouse

Passage Island Lighthouse is a one of a kind historic structure. Its beautiful granite tower stands 120 feet tall, and has been beautifully restored since it's days as an early navigational aid. The 1924 lighthouse had to be abandoned during the harsh Michigan winters due to damage done by Lake Superior ice buildup, but in 2013 restoration began. A new construction was built over the original foundation and now visitors are drawn to see its unique charm.

Rock Harbor Lighthouse

The Rock Harbor Lighthouse, is an iconic piece of history. Built in 1847 and still standing proud to this day, its purpose was to serve as a guide for ships navigating through the treacherous waters of Lake Superior. Its light shines brightly over the town below and can be seen from miles away. It is a prime example of architecture from the area in the 1800s and has withstood nearly two centuries of ferocious winter storms on Lake Superior due to its solid rock foundation.

Rock of Ages Lighthouse

Rock of Ages Lighthouse is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses on Lake Superior. Established in 1908, it stands at a height of 124 feet and is a beacon of navigation for ships traversing the lake. The lighthouse was commissioned by the US Government to replace three other lighthouses that had become damaged beyond repair due to the harsh weather conditions on Lake Superior’s northern shore. Today, this historic site still serves as a navigational aid for many ships.

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