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Floyd County - 12 Attractions You Must Visit

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About Floyd County

Floyd County, Georgia is a beautiful region located in the western part of the state, with plenty of rolling hills and vast countryside. The area is rich in history and culture, boasting an array of festivals and museums to explore. With its incredible landscape, plentiful resources, and welcoming communities, Floyd County offers something for everyone. From outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking to more diverse attractions such as art galleries and farms, Floyd County is sure to pl

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Attractions in Floyd County

Berry College
Berry College2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW, Mt Berry, GA 30149, USA
Iconic Buildings

Berry College, is an educational institution with its roots firmly planted in both the academic and spiritual worlds. Founded in 1902 as a Christian liberal arts school by Martha Berry, the college consistently earns high rankings from publications such as U.S. News and World Report for its impressive academic program. The college also offers a robust extra-curricular program with opportunities for leadership and exploration.

Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home
Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home501 Riverside Pkwy NE, Rome, GA 30161, USA
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home, is a living and breathing testament to the history of the Cherokee Nation. The home gives visitors the unprecedented chance to view two historic structures spanning two centuries. Maj. Major Ridge Home is a beautifully-restored 1840's brick home situated on its original plantation site. Across the grassy field lays Chieftains Museum, owned by the Cherokee nation and dedicated to preserving and interpreting Native American artifacts.

Clock Tower
Clock TowerClock Tower, 410 E 2nd St, Rome, GA 30161, USA
Iconic Buildings

The Clock Tower of Floyd County, located in the heart of downtown Rome, has been an iconic fixture of the city since it was built in 1888. It's a unique example of 19th-century architecture and serves as a reminder of the town's proud heritage. Every year, thousands of locals and visitors pass by the landmark bell tower daily, captivated by its beauty and enduring legacy - a sentiment that has only grown stronger throughout Floyd County's long history.

Heritage Park
Heritage Park Heritage Park Trail, Rome, GA, USA
Outdoors- Other

Heritage Park offers a window into the past of Northwest Georgia. Located on the banks of the Oostanaula River, Heritage Park is home to seven historical buildings that span over 190 years of local history. Visitors can tour the Gordon-Baker Homestead, an 1812 cabin and smokehouse; The Osborn Store, which was built around 1830; and even a traditional one-room schoolhouse, built in 1908.

Little River Canyon National Preserve
Little River Canyon National Preserve4322 Little River Trail #100, Fort Payne, AL 35967, USA
Outdoors- Other

This Preserve, offers an adventure into stunning natural beauty and a unique ecosystem. Visitors can explore the beautiful canyon by hiking along the rim or wading in the river below. The 15,000-acre preserve encompasses land charged with history of the Creek Indians and Cherokee Nation as well as a number of sites listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. Vistas from high atop Lookout Mountain offer breathtaking views of both the river and towering cliffs below.

Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Myrtle Hill Cemetery20 Myrtle St SW, Rome, GA 30161, USA
Man-made Structures- Other

Myrtle Hill Cemetery is a picturesque graveyard with vast rolling hills and lush greenery. It was established in 1860, making it one of the oldest cemeteries in the area. The cemetery features fascinating old gravestones and monuments, many of which date back to the 19th Century. The graves are well cared for and have been preserved since its inception. Throughout the cemetery there are trees that provide shady pockets of cool weather from the hot Georgia summer days.

Neely Hill
Neely HillNeely Hill, Rome, GA 30161, USA
Mountain Peaks
Old Ruins

Neely Hill, is a stunning formation of hills and valleys. With family-friendly activities all year long, from recreational activities in the nearby lake to hikes through the mountainside and festivals held by the local community, it truly has something for everyone. For those who appreciate nature, the views on display at Neely Hill are sure to be unforgettable. Additionally, this region boasts a lovely mix of small farms and new industrial enterprises located on its outskirts.

Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum
Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum24 Veterans Memorial Hwy NE, Rome, GA 30165, USA

Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum rests on the former site of the Berry Schools, founded by Martha Berry in 1909. Visitors to the museum can explore a variety of exhibits sharing the educational and cultural life of the region. The Programs and Performances Gallery hosts interactive programs focused on local music, traditional art forms, and folkloric traditions. In addition, visitors are encouraged to explore two 19th-century buildings located on the grounds.

Rock Garden, Calhoun
Rock Garden, CalhounRock Creek Rd SW, Georgia 30701, USA
Outdoors- Other
Botanical Gardens

This majestic mountain getaway features 7.3 miles of trails which wind through the southern Appalachian Mountains and offer stunning views of the valley below. Along the way, visitors can take in unique rock formations, including a natural rock bridge with a picturesque waterfall streaming underneath it – truly a breathtaking sight. Wildlife watchers will also enjoy being able to observe local songbirds, wildflowers and deer in their natural habitats.

Rocky Mountain Recreation & Public Fishing Area
Rocky Mountain Recreation & Public Fishing AreaRocky Mountain Recreation & Public Fishing Area, Georgia 30165, USA
Lake/ River/ Ponds
Outdoors- Other

Rocky Mountain Recreation & Public Fishing area is a great destination for outdoor lovers. With over 70 campsites perfect for both RV's and tent camping, visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of this mountainous area. Anglers can test their skills on the stocked trout ponds as well as some of the larger lakes. Furthermore, there are numerous trails extending across the area where hikers can explore and take in the spectacular views.

Rolater Park‎
Rolater Park‎13 Old Cedartown Rd, Cave Spring, GA 30124, USA

Rolater Park is the perfect outdoor destination. Featuring a golden sandy beach alongside a refreshing lake, it’s ideal for swimming and fishing or just relaxing by the water. The park also offers mountain biking trails, playgrounds and picnic areas, as well as numerous other active pursuits like hiking and disc golf. With plenty to do and spacious grounds that offer beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, Rolater Park is sure to have something to appeal to nature lovers of all ages.

The Labyrinth of Rome
The Labyrinth of Rome402 Civic Center Dr, Rome, GA 30161, USA
Old Ruins

The Labyrinth of Rome, is an expansive web of underground passages that are believed to have been carved out over thousands of years. This incredible man-made structure starts from the center and stretches for miles in all directions, with rooms, chambers, and large domes connecting each pathway. Some theorize that ancient cultures used The Labyrinth as a holy network of tunnels responsible for creating one of the most spectacular spiritual sites in North America.

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