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Forests to Explore in Floyd County

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Floyd County

Floyd County, Georgia is a beautiful region located in the western part of the state, with plenty of rolling hills and vast countryside. The area is rich in history and culture, boasting an array of festivals and museums to explore. With its incredible landscape, plentiful resources, and welcoming communities, Floyd County offers something for everyone. From outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking to more diverse attractions such as art galleries and farms, Floyd County is sure to pl

Forests to Explore in Floyd County

Little River Canyon National Preserve

This Preserve, offers an adventure into stunning natural beauty and a unique ecosystem. Visitors can explore the beautiful canyon by hiking along the rim or wading in the river below. The 15,000-acre preserve encompasses land charged with history of the Creek Indians and Cherokee Nation as well as a number of sites listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. Vistas from high atop Lookout Mountain offer breathtaking views of both the river and towering cliffs below.

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