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3 Old Ruins to Explore in Floyd County

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Floyd County

Floyd County, Georgia is a beautiful region located in the western part of the state, with plenty of rolling hills and vast countryside. The area is rich in history and culture, boasting an array of festivals and museums to explore. With its incredible landscape, plentiful resources, and welcoming communities, Floyd County offers something for everyone. From outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking to more diverse attractions such as art galleries and farms, Floyd County is sure to pl

Old Ruins to Explore in Floyd County

Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home

Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home, is a living and breathing testament to the history of the Cherokee Nation. The home gives visitors the unprecedented chance to view two historic structures spanning two centuries. Maj. Major Ridge Home is a beautifully-restored 1840's brick home situated on its original plantation site. Across the grassy field lays Chieftains Museum, owned by the Cherokee nation and dedicated to preserving and interpreting Native American artifacts.

Neely Hill

Neely Hill, is a stunning formation of hills and valleys. With family-friendly activities all year long, from recreational activities in the nearby lake to hikes through the mountainside and festivals held by the local community, it truly has something for everyone. For those who appreciate nature, the views on display at Neely Hill are sure to be unforgettable. Additionally, this region boasts a lovely mix of small farms and new industrial enterprises located on its outskirts.

The Labyrinth of Rome

The Labyrinth of Rome, is an expansive web of underground passages that are believed to have been carved out over thousands of years. This incredible man-made structure starts from the center and stretches for miles in all directions, with rooms, chambers, and large domes connecting each pathway. Some theorize that ancient cultures used The Labyrinth as a holy network of tunnels responsible for creating one of the most spectacular spiritual sites in North America.

Map of Old Ruins to explore in Floyd County