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Tyrol is a state in western Austria. You can experience a majestic and enchanting mountain landscape sure to touch their soul. Countless outdoor activities and a warm welcome make holidays in this stunning region an unforgettable experience.

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1 Day Treks to Explore in Tyrol


The Birgitzköpfl is a High ridge on the north-west ridge of the Saile with a gap height of around 20 m. It lies in the Stubai Alps southwest of Innsbruck in Tirol. The ascent to the Birgitzköpfl leads from the Axamer Lizum to the east via a hiking trail to the Birgitzer Alm . From there around 200 meters in altitude to the summit. winter, the mountain is the destination of ski tourers with less experience, with subsequent descents to Axams or Götzens.


The highest mountain in the Karwendel range, Austria as well as an ultra prominent peak. It is located within the Innsbruck-Land District of Tyrol, Austria. It offers medium-difficult and conditionally demanding mountain ascent with short, wire rope-secured climbing sections on the summit structure.


Erlspitze is a mountain with three major ridges located at the south west corner of the Karwendel. Its pyramid-shaped summit makes it a good observation peak north of the Erl Saddle and the Solsteinhaus mountain hut. Erlspitze is a major viewpoint which offers a splendid panorama with a great view of the alpine main ridge, Wetterstein and Karwendel mountains.

Frau Hitt

The Frau Hitt is a summit of the Nordkette , the southernmost mountain range of the Karwendel , which resembles a woman on a horse. The prominent rock needle, high above Innsbruck, used to be a tourist symbol for the city. A good trekking destination and also it offers beautiful views too.

Große Arnspitze

The Große Arnspitze is the highest peak in the Arnspitze Group in the Wettersteingebirge mountains. It is located west of Scharnitz in Austria. The border between Germany and Austria runs over its summit.The normal climbing route, runs from Scharnitz westwards and below the Ahrntalköpfle to the Riedberg. Below this mountain the path bends to the southwest from the Arnspitzhütte, whence it heads northwest to the summit.

Großer Bettelwurf

The Großer Bettelwurf is a mountain, 2,726 m, and thus the highest peak in the Gleirsch-Halltal Chain in the Karwendel mountains of Tyrol. It is also the fourth highest summit in the Karwendel. The neighbouring Kleiner Bettelwurf reaches a height of 2,650 m. It is a good trekking destination and also it offers nice views of this area also.

Grosser Lafatscher

The Great Lafatscher is a high mountain peak of the Gleirsch-Halltal chain in the Karwendel and thus the seventh highest peak of the entire mountain range after the six Karwendel peaks that reach a height of more than 2700 m . It can be reached from the Halltal in about 4 hours. The easiest ascent leads from the Wilde Bande-Steig , which runs south of the Rosskopf.

Großer Solstein

The Große Solstein is a mountain, on the western corner of the Nordkette range in the Karwendel mountains near Zirl in the Austrian state of Tyrol. Its summit may be ascended on various mountain tour routes either from the Solsteinhaus or from the New Magdeburg Hut. These routes are described as not difficult but require stamina. The crossing to the higher peak of the Kleiner Solstein, despite its name the highest in the Nordkette, is described in that article.


The Hafelekarspitze is a mountain in the so-called North Chain north of Innsbruck in Austria. In summer, nearby Hafelekar gap is starting point for two popular trails on the Southern Inntal ridge of Karwendel:the Goetheweg hiking trail due east, andthe Innsbrucker klettersteig. There is also a cosmic radiation observatory of the University of Innsbruck, the only one of its kind in Austria.

Hintere Brandjochspitze

The Hintere Brandjochspitze is a summit roughly 200 metres northwest of the Vordere Brandjochspitze in the Nordkette range above Innsbruck. The summit may be reached in 20 minutes from the Vordere Brandjochspitze at climbing grade UIAA I through a gully left of the arête.

Hohe Warte

Hohe Warte is a peak in Tyrol and has an elevation of 2,238 metres. Hohe Warte is situated nearby to Gampes Spitze, and close to Hoher Napf. The present normal route to the top runs from the Aspach Hut above Innsbruck and poses no great difficulties. It runs through schrofen terrain up to the Gamswart Saddle, then for a short way along the western ridge to the summit.

Karwendel Höhenweg

The Karwendel Höhenweg is marked as a difficult, black mountain trail, divided into 6 stages. The route covers 7,000 meters in altitude (3,400 meters in ascent), from tranquil high valleys and alpine pastures up to the craggy peaks of Austria's largest nature park


Karwendel Valley is one of the longest valleys in the Karwendel and runs in a slight curve from west to east between the Northern Karwendel Chain in the north and the Hinterautal-Vomper Chain in the south.The valley is traversed by the Karwendelbach , which flows into the Isar at the western end of the valley . At the eastern end of the valley with the Angeralm, the Hochalmsattel connects with the transition to the Kleiner Ahornboden or to the Johannestal .

Kleiner Solstein

The Kleiner Solstein is a mountain, 2,637 m high, in the Nordkette in the Karwendel Alps in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The normal route to the Kleiner Solstein runs from the saddle between the Großer and Kleiner Solstein, initially crossing a small ridge of rock then over schrofen from the south to the flat summit ridge following a waymarked route to the top.

Laliderer Spitze

Laliderer Spitze is a high mountain in the Hinterautal-Vomper chain in the Karwendel in Tyrol . East below the summit is at 2495 m above sea level. A. the Lalidererspitzen bivouac erected in September 1948 , which is also known as the Konrad Schuster bivouac. The summit can be reached from Scharnitz via the Hinterautal along the Isar , the Kastenalm and the Rossloch as a challenging mountain tour, but the Lalidererspitze is better known for its climbing routes.


The striking Martinswand forms the southwestern end of the Hechenberg in the Nordkette north-west of Innsbruck in the market town of Zirl. The mountain face is the approximately 600 m free demolition of the Kleiner Wandkopf. It is a nature reserve , but also a popular climbing area. The area is designated as a protected area and part of the Karwendel Alpine Park .


The Pleisenspitze is a 2569 m above sea level. A. high mountain in the Karwendel in Tyrol. Apart from the large difference in altitude, it is quite easy to reach from Scharnitz. Leisurely hikers spend the night at the highly recommended Pleisenhütte , which is about halfway. The Pleisenspitze is also a popular destination for ski tours and snowshoe hikers in winter, whereby the route essentially follows the normal route.

Reither Spitze

The Reither Spitze is a mountain in the Karwendel in the Austrian federal state of Tyrol that, thanks to its location at the southwestern end of the Erlspitze Group, is particularly well known for its great views of the surrounding area from its summit. Its name is derived the village of Reith bei Seefeld, which lies at its southwestern foot.


A majestic summit in tyrol situated nearby to Klettergarten Birgitzköpfl, and close to Klettergarten Birgitzköpfl. A good trekking destination and it offers beautiful views too.


The Schafreuter is the highest peak in the Vorkarwendel and therefore offers a fantastic panorama. It is a popular destination both in summer for hiking and winter for ski tours. The ascent to the summit on this hike is not difficult for experienced hikers, but leads a few meters over steep crags that require sure-footedness.

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