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Top 56 attractions you must visit in Basel City

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About Basel City

The Canton of Basel-Stadt, established in 1833, is the most densely populated canton in Switzerland. The Carnival of Basel is a major cultural event in the year. The carnival is one of the biggest in Switzerland and attracts large crowds.

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Attractions in Basel City

Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung LudwigSt. Alban-Graben 5, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

The Basel Museum of Ancient Art is the only Swiss museum devoted exclusively to the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean region. The permanent exhibition contains ancient art mainly from Egyptian, Greek, Italic, Etruscan and Roman cultures. Located in the heart of the city of Basel, the museum is a place where the ancient world is regularly cast in a new light.

Augusta Raurica
Augusta RauricaGiebenacherstrasse, 4302 Augst, Switzerland
Notable Architectures
Old Ruins

The best-preserved ancient theatre north of the Alps. Augusta Raurica is the perfect excursion destination – for the whole family, for your school or for groups who wish to take a guided tour. This Roman archaeological site and an open-air museum in Switzerland located on the south bank of the Rhine river

Ausstellungsraum Klingental
Ausstellungsraum KlingentalKasernenstrasse 23, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
Man-made Structures- Other

The Klingental exhibition space creates a platform for engaging with the current work of the artists living in Basel. We present, question and comment on your artistic research for the attention of the interested public. We understand the Klingental exhibition space as a place of encounter and hospitality between contemporary art and the public. Experimental handling of different communication formats is an important part of cross-city projects such as the Museum Night and the Regional.

Basel Historical Museum – Barfuesserkirche
Basel Historical Museum – BarfuesserkircheBarfüsserpl. 7, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

The historical museum Basel is housed in three separate buildings and ranks among the most important museums of cultural history on the Upper Rhine. The permanent exhibition spotlights Basel's historic identity at the crossroads between three cultures: Swiss, German and French. Several hundred historical accounts and artworks trace aspects of the city's history over the last thousand years.

Basel Historical Museum – Musikmuseum
Basel Historical Museum – MusikmuseumIm Lohnhof 9, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

The Music Museum is located in Basel, Switzerland, and houses the country's largest collection of musical instruments. The museum is one of three components of the Historisches Museum Basel. It presents five centuries of music history with three areas of emphasis: the history of music-making in Basel; concerts, choral music, and dance; parades, festivals, and signals.

Basel Minster
Basel MinsterMünsterpl. 9, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Basel's medieval cathedral is situated on a hill high above the river Rhine which has been inhabited even before the Age of Romans. The Romans had a fortress on this hill. Excavations in this site show traces of settlements of 1st C BCE. it adds definition to the cityscape with its red sandstone architecture and colored roof tiles, its two slim towers, and the cross-shaped intersection of the main roof. The Swiss inventory of the cultural property of national and regional significance lists the

Basel Paper Mill
Basel Paper MillSt. Alban-Tal 37, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

The Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing of Basel preserves and actively shares with visitors the ancient techniques that have allowed the collection and diffusion of ideas and knowledge throughout the centuries. The museum is located in a carefully restored building that began its life as a paper mill 500 years ago. It is a heritage site of national significance.

Basel Town Hall
Basel Town HallMarktpl. 9, 4001 Basel, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings

The Basel Town Hall is a 500-year-old building dominating the Marktplatz in Basel, Switzerland. The Town Hall houses the meetings of the Cantonal Parliament as well as the Cantonal Government of the canton of Basel-Stadt. The Great Council Chamber at one time featured a series of frescoes painted in 1522 by Hans Holbein the Younger, which have been lost. Fragments of the work as well as some of the initial drawings are kept in the Kunstmuseum.

Basler Messeturm
Basler MesseturmMessepl. 10, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

Basler Messeturm is a 32 story skyscraper in Basel designed by renowned architects Morger & Degelo & Marques and is an unmistakable landmark of the city with its green-tinted glass and metal structure. It was constructed in the year 2003 and is one of the renowned attractions in Basel.

Basler Stadtmauer
Basler StadtmauerAlte Stadtmauer, Mühlegraben, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

The Gate of Spalen is a former city gate in the ancient city walls of Basel, Switzerland. One of the three remaining gateways, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful gates of Switzerland. The gate is a landmark of Basel and a heritage site of national significance.

BirsBirs, Switzerland
Lake/ River/ Ponds

The Birs is a 73-kilometer long river in Switzerland that flows through the Jura region and ends as a tributary to the Rhine between Basel and Birsfelden. It is the most important river in the Swiss Jura.

Birseck Castle
Birseck Castle4144 Arlesheim, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

Birseck Castle is one of four castles on a slope called Birseck that confines the plain of the Birs river. The Eremitage building group that includes the castle is listed as a heritage site of national significance. Reichenstein Castle is the sister castle to Birseck and sits on a higher slope to the north.

BirsköpfliBirsköpfli, 4127 Birsfelden, Switzerland
Outdoors- Other

The Birsköpfli is a leisure and bathing area in the Swiss city of Basel and its neighboring municipality Birsfelden. It is located at the confluence of the Birs river with the Rhine river. the Birsköpfli only means the area bounded by the Birs and the Rhine in the borough Breite; other boundaries are the Blackwood Bridge and the main road to Birsfelden. Along the Birs riverbanks there is a park with green meadows and a restaurant, the rest of the area is inhabited by allotments.

Brasilea Stiftung
Brasilea StiftungWestquaistrasse 39, 4019 Basel, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings

The Brasilea Foundation is an international exhibition house in Basel, Switzerland, with a focus on Brazilian artists and art that deals thematically with Brazil. The exhibition house is located in Basel's Rheinhafen directly in the three-country corner, bordering France and Germany. The collection of the founder Walter Wüthrich has been accessible to the public since 2005.

Caricature & Cartoon Museum Basel
Caricature & Cartoon Museum BaselSt. Alban-Vorstadt 28, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

The cartoon museum in Basel is the only museum in Switzerland dedicated to cartoons and caricatures. It has a collection of almost 3,400 original works and its curated, thematic and/or monographic exhibitions of original art, it has gained the position of a competence centre for the art of the satirical drawing.

Dreiländereck FR/CH/DE
Dreiländereck FR/CH/DEWestquaistrasse 75, 4057 Basel, Switzerland

The Dreiländereck is a monument in Basel, Switzerland. It marks the tripoint where the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland meet. The France–Germany border, the Germany–Switzerland border and France–Switzerland border meet there. The tripoint itself is located in the middle of the river Rhine. The monument dedicated to it is in Swiss territory, on a point of land approximately 150 metres to the south-east.

DreirosenbrückeDreirosenbrücke, Basel, Switzerland

The Dreirosenbrücke is a road bridge in the Swiss city ​​of Basel and is the last Swiss Rhine bridge . The bridge got its name after the property "To the three roses" on the Kleinbasler bridgehead. The original estate at this point belonged to the Iselin family, whose family coat of arms shows three white roses.

Fine Arts Museum Basel
Fine Arts Museum BaselSt. Alban-Graben 16, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

This prestigious museum, which frequently holds major temporary exhibitions, is home to a substantial number of masterpieces. Pride of place is given to paintings and drawings from the Upper Rhine and the Netherlands dating from the 15-17C. You will, in particular, be able to admire the largest collection in the world of works by the Holbein family

Fondation beyeler
Fondation beyelerMissionsstrasse 21, 4055 Basel, Switzerland

The Beyeler Foundation or Fondation Beyeler with its museum in Riehen, near Basel, owns and oversees the art collection of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler, which features modern art and tribal art. The Beyeler Foundation museum includes a space for special exhibitions staged to complement the permanent collection.

GoetheanumRüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland
Iconic Buildings

The Goetheanum is situated in Dornach, around 10 kilometers outside the city center. It serves as the head office and conference venue of the General Anthroposophical Society and boasts a distinctive shape, which has also inspired the architects of neighboring buildings. The current building was constructed between 1925 and 1928. Both were designed by the esoteric Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. The monumental exposed-concrete building is particularly striking, owing to the almost

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