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National Parks to explore in Attapeu Province

Attapeu Province

Attapeu is a province of Laos in the southeast of the country. It has five districts: Samakkixay, Xaysetha, Sanamxay, Sanxay, and Phouvong, covering an area of 10,320 square kilometreswith a population of 127,285. Its capital city lies at Attapeu . It was known as the "land of heroism". There are two biodiversity areas: Dong Ampham Forest and Xepaine Forest.

Dong Hua Sao National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area

Dong Hua Sao covers an area of 1,100 sq km. This protected area is located in the province of Champasak within the districts of Bachieng . The lowland plains comprise over half of the protective area with the elevation ranging from 100 to 1000 m. The area’s vegetation consists mainly of evergreen forest in the lowlands and the uplands with dry dipterocarp forest and mixed deciduous forest. It is one of the conservative area of a wide range of wildlife.

Map of National Parks to explore in Attapeu Province