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Seestrasse 84A, 8266 Steckborn, Switzerland

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About Turmhof

The Turmhof is a structural landmark of the Swiss community of Steckborn TG. The historic building directly on the Untersee houses the museum in the tower courtyard. It is considered a cultural asset of national importance. The museum in the Turmhof shows the culture and history of the submarine area. The exhibition includes prehistoric finds, including from the Neolithic, the Roman period, and the Alemanni. Particular emphasis is placed on the Steckborn furnace construction and lace making.

Attractions near Turmhof

Neuburg4.14km from Turmhof

Neuburg - the most important and largest castle complex on the southern shore of the Untersee. In the middle of the 13th century , the barons of Klingen built the keep and the palace that still stand today. The hill fort was demolished in 1745. Today, however, extensive ruins with remains of the large curtain wall can still be seen. From the main castle , the foundation remains of are the keep received.

Seerücken4.39km from Turmhof

The Seerücken is a range of hills running west-east in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. The highest point is at 721 m near Salen-Reutenen. The Seerücken is embedded between Lake Constance in the north and the Thur Valley in the south. In the west it is bounded by the Stammerberg near Stammheim, in the east, it runs gently to almost Romanshorn. The Seerücken is one of the most rural regions of the Swiss Plateau.

Schloss Salenstein5.46km from Turmhof

The Salenstein Castle is located in the town of Salenstein in the district of Kreuzlingen in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland.  The castle was built in the 11th century. In 1092 the Lords of Salenstein was first mentioned in a document as Ministeriale of Reichenau Abbey. the castle passed through many hands over the next seven hundred years and was rebuilt and expanded several times. Baron Alexander von Herder, the grandson of Johann Gottfried Herder, bought it in 1869. He renovated the cast

Arenenberg5.91km from Turmhof

Arenenberg is an estate with a small chateau, Schloss Arenenberg, in the municipality of Salenstein at the shore of Lake Constance in Thurgau, Switzerland that is famous as the final domicile of Hortense de Beauharnais. Today it houses the Napoleonmuseum. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

Freudenfels Castle7.73km from Turmhof

A castle nestled in the fantastic countryside high above Lake Constance. This baroque manor house, surrounded by vineyards and with views of Stein am Rhein, is an inspiring setting in which to come up with new concepts and creative ideas.  The library and the fireside lounge, along with the beautiful rose garden, are perfect places to retreat to and recharge your mind.

Hörnli7.94km from Turmhof

The Hörnli is a mountain in the municipality of Fischenthal in the east of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The popular panoramic mountain in the Zurich Oberland lies entirely within the canton. One of the picturesque location in this area which is apt for a picnic and trekking.

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Thurgau is a northeast canton of Switzerland. The canton of Thurgau is known for farm produce such as apples, pears, and other fruits and vegetables.