Freudenfels Castle in Schaffhausen, Switzerland - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Freudenfels Castle

Schlossweg, Postfach, 8264 Eschenz, Switzerland

Iconic Buildings
Old Ruins

About Freudenfels Castle

A castle nestled in the fantastic countryside high above Lake Constance. This baroque manor house, surrounded by vineyards and with views of Stein am Rhein, is an inspiring setting in which to come up with new concepts and creative ideas.  The library and the fireside lounge, along with the beautiful rose garden, are perfect places to retreat to and recharge your mind.

Attractions near Freudenfels Castle

Werd2.55km from Freudenfels Castle

The island of Werd near Eschenz in the Swiss canton of Thurgau is the main island of the small archipelago Im Werd  in the westernmost part of the Untersee of Lake Constance. A wooden pedestrian bridge about 200 m long leads from Eschenz to the island. The Werd Monastery is located there

Hörnli2.62km from Freudenfels Castle

The Hörnli is a mountain in the municipality of Fischenthal in the east of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The popular panoramic mountain in the Zurich Oberland lies entirely within the canton. One of the picturesque location in this area which is apt for a picnic and trekking.

St. George's Abbey, Stein am Rhein3.16km from Freudenfels Castle

St. George's Abbey, Stein am Rhein was a Benedictine monastery in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland. The abbey also prospered and, in the 15th century, completely rebuilt its premises, which remain a significant example of late Gothic architecture in the region. Oen of the beautiful location to visit in Switzerland.

Neuburg3.62km from Freudenfels Castle

Neuburg - the most important and largest castle complex on the southern shore of the Untersee. In the middle of the 13th century , the barons of Klingen built the keep and the palace that still stand today. The hill fort was demolished in 1745. Today, however, extensive ruins with remains of the large curtain wall can still be seen. From the main castle , the foundation remains of are the keep received.

Hohenklingen Castle3.93km from Freudenfels Castle

The Hohenklingen Fortress, an example of a medieval fortress built on a hill, is situated 590m above sea level, overlooking the picturesque little town of Stein am Rhein on a Nagelfluh, summit, that runs in a west-east direction. Today the fortress is privately owned and has been almost completely restored to its original condition.

Hüttwilersee4.79km from Freudenfels Castle

Hüttwilersee is a lake in the Canton of Thurgau, Switzerland. It is located near two other lakes, Nussbaumersee and Hasensee, on the border of the municipalities of Hüttwilen und Uesslingen-Buch. One of the famous picnic area which is flourished with natural beauty and also this place offers an opportunity for swimming and fishing.

Where is Freudenfels Castle

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Schaffhausen is a canton of Switzerland. The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe and lie on the border of the canton of Schaffhausen.