Attractions to explore nearby Dreirosenbrücke - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Dreirosenbrücke

DreirosenbrückeDreirosenbrücke, Basel, Switzerland

The Dreirosenbrücke is a road bridge in the Swiss city ​​of Basel and is the last Swiss Rhine bridge . The bridge got its name after the property "To the three roses" on the Kleinbasler bridgehead. The original estate at this point belonged to the Iselin family, whose family coat of arms shows three white roses.

St. Johanns-Tor0.56 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

St. Johanns-Tor is one of the three surviving entrance gates to the old medieval walled city, which formed part of the fortifications built shortly after the great earthquake of 1356. Today this former gateway to the city is home to Basel's police force. The gateway is the landmark of the St. Johann quarter of the city.

Johanniterbrücke0.65 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Johanniterbrücke is the third oldest Rhine bridge in the Swiss city ​​of Basel. The iron bridge was built within two years and opened on July 15, 1882. It was not as high as the upper Rhine crossing at the Harzgraben, the Wettstein Bridge, but it made a nice impression on the audience. From 1924 the Johanniterbrücke also carried a double-lane tram. It was one of the architectural wonders in this area and also this bridge makes transportation if this area is easy.

Ausstellungsraum Klingental0.93 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Klingental exhibition space creates a platform for engaging with the current work of the artists living in Basel. We present, question and comment on your artistic research for the attention of the interested public. We understand the Klingental exhibition space as a place of encounter and hospitality between contemporary art and the public. Experimental handling of different communication formats is an important part of cross-city projects such as the Museum Night and the Regional.

Museum Kleines Klingental1.01 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

This museum is housed in the historical rooms of the former Klingental Dominican convent and features original medieval sculptures from Basel Cathedral, a 17th-century model of the city, and the history of the convent itself. It houses the collection of original sculptures from Basel Minster , which were replaced by copies during restoration work. The museum also houses a model of the city of Basel as it looked in the 17th century and a model of the Klingental monastery in the 16th century.

Predigerkirche1.03 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Predigerkirche is a Christian Catholic church in the Swiss city ​​of Basel. It is located in the suburbs - Quartier close to the University Hospital. It was built between 1233 and 1237 as a monastery church of the Dominican order. Ity is one of the famous pilgrimage centres in this area and a lot of people visits this place every day.

Roman Catholic Church of St. Anton1.24 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The St. Anton Church is a Roman Catholic church in the Swiss city ​​of Basel. It is located in St. Johann - Quarter and the St. Anthony of Padua dedicated.  The church was built between 1925 and 1927 as the first pure concrete church in Switzerland by the architect Karl Moser and the construction company G. Doppler und Sohn in exposed concrete. On September 13, 1931, the church was consecrated by Bishop Joseph Ambühl. In the early years, the building was mockingly referred to as the soul silo.

Skulpturhalle Basel1.25 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The sculpture hall houses one of the largest collections of casts of ancient plastic. The complete merging of the entire architectural sculpture of the Athens Parthenon is unique worldwide.

Middle Bridge, Basel1.27 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

Hardly another monument in the city of Basel has become such a symbol of the city as the Middle Bridge. Opened in 1226, it is one of the oldest Rhine crossings between Lake Constance and the North Sea. The Middle Bridge was initially used for local traffic, in conjunction with the development of the route over the Gotthard Pass as an international trade route, in the 14th century it gained significance as a crossing over the Rhine for international trade.

Kannenfeld Park1.33 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The city's biggest park is in the St. Johann district. Here, kids take to the swings and slides while their parents practice yoga on the lawn or jog a lap of the park. It is around 9.1 acres and the park was built in 1951.  In addition to the mighty entrance portal on Burgfelderstrasse, the enclosure wall, the gardener's house, and some monuments remain from the former cemetery.

Martinskirche1.34 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Martinskirche is an Evangelical Reformed church in the city of Basel. It stands on the northern end of the cathedral hill and is considered to be the oldest parish church in Basel. The church also serves as a historic concert hall and stage for numerous events. A bell in the Martinskirche traditionally rings in the Basel Autumn Fair on the opening Saturday.

Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel1.35 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The museum embodies a scientific collection from the 1920s that has survived to the present day and is unique in Switzerland. Here - where Erasmus once came from Rotterdam and Paracelsus - you can discover old remedies and medicines, scales and weights, arts and crafts, herbal books, amulets, magnificent ceramic vessels, entire laboratories, and pharmacies. A sight not only for experts but also for laymen. It is one of the unique attractions in this area and it is worth visiting.

Messeplatz1.37 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The exhibition center is located in the center of Kleinbasel in the Rosental district of the city of Basel. It forms the economic center of Kleinbasel, as the halls of the Basel sample fair are located on it and the Messeturm Basel with the Hotel Ramada Plaza on the narrow eastern side. The tower and hotel stand on the site of the Hotel Admiral, which was demolished in 2001. Until it was officially named in 1974, the Messeplatz was part of the Clarastrasse leading to the Mittlere Brücke.

Basel Town Hall1.41 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Basel Town Hall is a 500-year-old building dominating the Marktplatz in Basel, Switzerland.  The Town Hall houses the meetings of the Cantonal Parliament as well as the Cantonal Government of the canton of Basel-Stadt.  The Great Council Chamber at one time featured a series of frescoes painted in 1522 by Hans Holbein the Younger, which have been lost. Fragments of the work as well as some of the initial drawings are kept in the Kunstmuseum.

Basler Messeturm1.41 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

Basler Messeturm is a 32 story skyscraper in Basel designed by renowned architects Morger & Degelo & Marques and is an unmistakable landmark of the city with its green-tinted glass and metal structure. It was constructed in the year 2003 and is one of the renowned attractions in Basel.

Fondation beyeler1.44 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Beyeler Foundation or Fondation Beyeler with its museum in Riehen, near Basel, owns and oversees the art collection of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler, which features modern art and tribal art. The Beyeler Foundation museum includes a space for special exhibitions staged to complement the permanent collection.

Museum of Natural History Basel1.50 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

With a heritage dating back over 300 years, the Natural History Museum Basel in Basel, Switzerland, houses wide-ranging collections primarily focused on the fields of zoology, entomology, mineralogy, anthropology, osteology, and paleontology. Its mission is to expand, conserve, explore, document, and communicate the over 7.7 million objects in its holdings, which are conceived as an “Archive of Life”.

Schweiz. Feuerwehrmuseum1.53 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Swiss Fire Brigade Museum in Basel shows the history of fire fighting. The exhibits, which also include permanent loans from the Basel Historical Museum, dating back to the 13th century. The focus of the collection is on fire services in Basel-Stadt. It is maintained by the Basel professional fire brigade, the oldest in Switzerland, in their premises called “Lützelhof”. However, the museum is not a state-run company and is not run as a separate department in the cantonal administration.

Museum of Cultures1.55 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Museum der Kulturen Basel ranks among the leading ethnographic museums in Europe. The impressive collections including artifacts of world renown reflect the vast and varied scope of human ways of life. It shows its collection several times a year. Three permanent and various special exhibitions are concerned with the here and now. They provide various changes of perspective and allow visitors to see the world from a different angle, where the familiar all of a sudden takes on a new meaning.

Jewish Museum of Switzerland1.60 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Jewish Museum of Switzerland shows one of the best collections of Judaica in central Europe. It exhibits valuable items depicting religious and everyday life and aims to introduce the Jewish history of Basel and the region. Tombstones dating from the Middle Ages and contemporary documents, Hebrew books printed by the famous Basel printing houses, and mementos of the Zionist Congresses enrich the collection.

Silo Tower Basel1.62 KMs away from Dreirosenbrücke

The Silo Tower of Basel is located in the Swiss city of Basel, in the Rhine harbour of Kleinhueningen, near the Dreiländereck. The silo tower was built in 1923 by a Swiss shipping company. Its viewing platform stands at a height of 52 metres, which offers a view of the Rhine, the Rhine harbour, the city of Basel, and the Sundgauer hill country.  It is one of the unique attractions in the city and also offers a panoramic view of the city.