Attractions to explore nearby Phước Lâm Pagoda - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Phước Lâm Pagoda

Phước Lâm PagodaUnnamed Road, Xuân Tô, Tịnh Biên, An Giang, Vietnam

A beautiful Buddhist pagoda which has a lot of historical significance and which was associated with An Thiem, a Vietnamese monk. The Pagoda is famous for its architectural beauty and also its location is quite interesting.

Vĩnh Tế Canal3.67 KMs away from Phước Lâm Pagoda

A beautiful canal which was located in the heart of the An Giang province. It is used for transportation and is also one of the major water resources in this area.

Núi Két4.53 KMs away from Phước Lâm Pagoda

Nui ket is a beautiful mountain located in the east of Nha Bang town, Tinh Bien district of An Giang. It is one of the beautiful viewpoints in the area and this attracts a lot of people here. Besides tourism, pilgrimage, fruit trees ... Mount Ket also has other resources from resources, such as molybdenum metal ore, granular fine-grained granite, precious stones found in pneumatic vessels, and a variety of mineral water.

Đình Thới Sơn5.02 KMs away from Phước Lâm Pagoda

Thoi Son Temple is located near the foot of Mount Ket , Thoi Son commune, Tinh Bien district , An Giang province . This is a temple dedicated to the tutelary god of the ancient Xuan Son and Hung Thoi villages (later combined is Thoi Son), and is a historical and revolutionary site in Vietnam .