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Top 15 attractions to explore in An Giang Province

An Giang occupies a position in the upper reaches of the Mekong Delta., in the southwestern part of the country.

Attractions in An Giang Province

Bà Chúa Xứ Temple - On The top of Sam MountainP. Núi Sam, Châu Đốc, An Giang, Vietnam

Bà Chúa Xứ  is a prosperity goddess of southern Vietnam's Thanism. She is a tutelary of business, health, and a protector of the Vietnamese border which was located in the top of the Sam mountain. It is one of the example of the Vietnamese architecture and this temple has a historical significance in the growth of the Vietnam.

Bảy NúiBảy Núi, An Hảo, Tịnh Biên, An Giang, Vietnam

Bảy Núi is a range of small mountains located in the Tri Tôn and Tịnh Biên districts in Vietnam's An Giang Province, very close to the Cambodian border. It is one of the beautiful trekking destinations in Vietnam which gives a vast view of the area and the greenery is a treat to the eyes.

Bung Binh ThienBung Binh Thien, An Phú District, An Giang Province, Vietnam

This is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Located in An Phu District, province of An Giang, The lake covers about 200-300 hectares in width and four meters in depth in the dry season. It is now one of the beautiful attraction in this area and also a main water resource.

Chùa Giồng ThànhXã Long Sơn, Thị Xã Tân Châu, Long Sơn, Phú Tân, An Giang, Vietnam

Giong Thanh Pagoda is one of the relics in An Giang, which was recognized by the State and ranked as a national in 1986.  From the outside, the pagoda has an Indian architectural appearance with a two-storey funnel-shaped tower, decorated with many elegant motifs, but in general, Giong Thanh Pagoda is a harmonious architectural block in Asian style - Europe with a building in the shape of a "double happiness".

Đình Mỹ PhướcMỹ Long, Thành phố Long Xuyên, An Giang Province, Vietnam

My Phuoc Communal House is a spacious and spacious temple and a national architectural and artistic relic of An Giang Province, Vietnam. The house is located in the precinct with an area of ​​4,770 m2, however, only 3,620 m2 is left, surrounded by brick walls, with one main door and three auxiliary doors made of bricks and cement.

Đình Thới SơnThới Sơn, Tịnh Biên, An Giang Province, Vietnam

Thoi Son Temple is located near the foot of Mount Ket , Thoi Son commune, Tinh Bien district , An Giang province . This is a temple dedicated to the tutelary god of the ancient Xuan Son and Hung Thoi villages (later combined is Thoi Son), and is a historical and revolutionary site in Vietnam .

Khu Du Lịch Hồ Ông ThoạiĐường Nguyễn Văn Trỗi, TT. Núi Sập, Thoại Sơn, An Giang, Vietnam

Mr. Thoai Ho , aka Ho Thoai Son , is the largest artificial lake southwest, Vietnam , formed by quarrying long process . The lake is located in Nui Sap town , Thoai Son district , An Giang province , about 23  km from the center of Long Xuyen city . The name of the lake is set to commemorate the merits of reclaiming An Giang land and diging Thoai Ha canal of Thoai Ngoc Hau .

Long Xuyen cathedral9 Nguyễn Huệ, Mỹ Long, Thành phố Long Xuyên, An Giang, Vietnam

The Queen of Peace Cathedral also called Regina Pacis Cathedral or Long Xuyên Cathedral is a religious building that is located in Long Xuyen, capital city of the province of An Giang in the Mekong Delta region in the southwest Asian country of Vietnam. It is under the pastoral responsibility of the Bishop Joseph Trần Xuân Tiếu. It stands a large statue dedicated to the Virgin Mary and a tower of 55 meters high.

Núi KétNúi Két, Thới Sơn, Tịnh Biên, An Giang Province, Vietnam

Nui ket is a beautiful mountain located in the east of Nha Bang town, Tinh Bien district of An Giang. It is one of the beautiful viewpoints in the area and this attracts a lot of people here. Besides tourism, pilgrimage, fruit trees ... Mount Ket also has other resources from resources, such as molybdenum metal ore, granular fine-grained granite, precious stones found in pneumatic vessels, and a variety of mineral water.

Phước Điền Tự - Hang PagodaPhường Núi Sam, Thị Xã Châu Đốc, Tỉnh An Giang, P. Núi Sam, Châu Đốc, An Giang, Vietnam

Phước Điền Temple is a temple in Châu Đốc, An Giang Province, southwestern Vietnam. It is an official historic monument, proclaimed on July 10, 1980, by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam. It is one of the notable architecture in this area.

Phước Lâm PagodaUnnamed Road, Xuân Tô, Tịnh Biên, An Giang, Vietnam

A beautiful Buddhist pagoda which has a lot of historical significance and which was associated with An Thiem, a Vietnamese monk. The Pagoda is famous for its architectural beauty and also its location is quite interesting.

Suối VàngNúi Tô, Tri Tôn, An Giang Province, Vietnam

Golden Stream tourist area is a national key tourist site in Lam Dong . Ho Dan Kia - Suoi Vang lies about 17 km northwest of Dalat city ​​center .  Tourist destinations in Dan Kia- Suoi Vang lake area include: Golden Valley, Ankroet waterfall, Suoi Vang dam, Dan Kia lake.

Tây An Cổ Tự PagodaĐường Vòng Núi Sam, P. Núi Sam, Châu Đốc, An Giang, Vietnam

One of the beautiful Buddhist pagoda which was located in the heart of the An Giang province which was famous for its architecture and historical significance. The pagoda was classified as a "national art and architecture" relic by the Ministry of Culture in 1980 and recognized by the Vietnamese Book of Records as a "temple with an architectural combination of Indian architectural style. and the first ancient architecture in Vietnam.

Vàm Nao RiverVàm Nao River, An Giang Province, Vietnam

The Vam Nao River or Lao Vam is a 6.5-kilometre river in An Giang Province, Vietnam, running near the Vietnam-Cambodia border. It connects the Tien River with the Hau River. Vam Nao has an important role for the Cuu Long River Delta in irrigation and transport. Vam Nao is also famed for being the place of a fierce naval battle between the Vietnamese and the Siamese, and also because of its reef fish and catfish.

Vĩnh Tế CanalVĩnh Tế Canal, Vietnam

A beautiful canal which was located in the heart of the An Giang province. It is used for transportation and is also one of the major water resources in this area.

Map of attractions in An Giang Province