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Madhur Madhanantheshwara Temple

Madhur, Kerala 671124, India

Lake/ River/ Ponds
Hindu Temples

About Madhur Madhanantheshwara Temple

The temple with an unique three tiered dome and copper plated roofing, shaped like an elephants back.

Madhur Ganapathi Temple, also known as Sree Madanantheswara Sidhivinayaka Temple or Madhur Temple rises against the beautiful landscape of adjacent Madhuvahini river with coconut trees and paddy fields surrounding the temple premises. The temple has an unique architecture with its three tiered dome, copper plated roofing and cloistered court.

The main deity of the temple is lord Shiva - however the temple is famous for Mahaganapathi. People believe that the Ganapathi idol here keeps growing. The wooden carvings on the ceilings of the prayer hall characterises historic events from Mahabharatha and Ramayana.

Myths and legends surrounding the temple

The temple comes with its own legends of how  Shiva and Ganapathi became the deities here. According to some of the local folklore, a peasant women named Madharu found the Shivalinga of the temple. The temple is thus originally dedicated to lord Shiva. The Ganapathi shrine adjacent to the sanctorum is more popular than the main diety. The folklore has it that an image of Ganapathi was drawn on the temple wall by the priests young son. The image started to grow ever since from then onwards.

The mark of Tipu Sultan

It's said that Tipu Sultan wanted to demolish the temple during his invasion of Malabar. But after drinking water from the temple well, he changed his mind.  To satisfy his soldiers as well as Islamic scholars, he made a cut with his sword in the building near to the well symbolising an attack. This mark is still visible in the building.?

Offerings to the deities

Disciples offers Mahaganapathi with Appa, temple's well known offerings. This is arranged daily and anyone can get them from the temple counters. There are two unusual offerings as well. One of them is called Sahasrappa or 'thousand appas' which comprises of making an offering of thousand Appas. After making the offering, the disciple gets to bring home the Appas as well. The second offering which is highly unusual is  called Moodappam Seva which includes covering the entire Mahaganapathi statue with Appam. This is performed very rarely as the statue is very large (around  two meters tall).

How to reach the temple?

Madhur Temple is located at Madhur Town in Kasaragod District of Kerala State in Southern India. The nearest large town is at Kasaragod (10 km) from where there are direct buses to Madhur. The nearest major railway station is also at Kasaragod, connected to rest of the parts of the country.

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Where is Madhur Madhanantheshwara Temple

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