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Delta Park Neeltje Jans - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Faelweg 5, 4354 RB Vrouwenpolder, Netherlands

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About Delta Park Neeltje Jans

A majestic theme park located in the former artificial island Neeltje Jans at the Oosterschelde. In addition to the attractive nature of the Deltapark Neeltje Jans, it also plays an educational role with respect to the Delta Works. it is one of the iconic attraction in this area and also there are so many things to see and do.

Attractions Near Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Neeltje Jans
Neeltje Jans0.88km from Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Neeltje Jans is an artificial island in the Netherlands in the province of Zeeland. It is approximately 285 hectares and is located halfway through the Oosterscheldekering between Schouwen and Noord-Beveland. After the construction, a fun park with attractions and other various expositions were built on the island, which are now connected to the shore through the dam. Another addition of the island is a nature reserve.

Forestry Westerschouwen
Forestry Westerschouwen4.22km from Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Boswachterij Westerschouwen is the largest forest in Zeeland , located on the coast of Schouwen-Duiveland. The Westerschouwen Boswachterij, the Meeuwenduinen, the Verklikkerduinen and the Vroongronden all fall under the Kop van Schouwen. The forest is rich in birds. Birds of prey such as buzzards and hawks are present. The area is largely freely accessible to visitors. The area can be visited on foot, by bicycle or with a horse. There is also a tiled path that wheelchair users can use.

Strandexploitatie Banjaard beach
Strandexploitatie Banjaard beach5.89km from Delta Park Neeltje Jans

A nice family beach with wooden walkways to the water, a beautiful beach pavilion, beach houses and an active rescue brigade. The 3.2 kilometer-long Banjaardstrand on the north-west side of Noord-Beveland is a real gem. The family beach on the North Sea is 500 meters wide in some places and has something to offer for everyone. The beach is also accessible for the disabled.

Kop van Schouwen
Kop van Schouwen6.2km from Delta Park Neeltje Jans

The Kop van Schouwen is a Natura 2000 area in the 'dunes' category on the west side of Schouwen-Duiveland between Burgh-Haamstede and Renesse in the Dutch province of Zeeland . The area has been classified as a protected natural monument since 1978 and as a state natural monument since 1988. The varied landscape is an important habitat for many protected species.

Plompe Toren
Plompe Toren6.76km from Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Plompetoren on Schouwen-Duveland was a village for a long time, called Kouuwekerke. Bie laeg waeter you can still see the streets, where they go. And also the traske e ka-je still see. Trasse see water tanks, where the water runs from the gutters - there used to be gin water pipes. That city has perished, because those people have such pride: the horses ran with golden horseshoes

Burgh-Haamstede7.01km from Delta Park Neeltje Jans

Burgh-Haamstede is a place at the Kop van Schouwen on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland , in the Dutch province of Zeeland . It consists of two villages, Burgh and Haamstede . Both are still clearly recognizable, Haamstede north and Burgh south. With 4,310 inhabitants (1 January 2021), it is the second largest residential area on the island after Zierikzee.

Where is Delta Park Neeltje Jans

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Zeeland is the westernmost and least populous province of the Netherlands. It consists of a number of islands and peninsulas. Tourism plays a major role in the province’s economy as the local beaches become tourist hotspots in the summer. German tourists, in particular, flock to Zeeland to enjoy its beautiful weather and stunning beaches.