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Poulakerry Castle - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Poulakerry, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

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About Poulakerry Castle

The early 16th century tower house at Poulakerry was a stronghold of the Butler Fitzwilliams family. The 4/5 storey tower house guarded a crossing over the River Suir, 100 metres to the south. The castle passed from William Butler to his sons Robert and Theobald Butler in the 16th century. The badly damaged castle was repaired and used as a garrison before being passed to John Rathborne. The castle, now missing the battlements, was restored in 1970 and used as a private residence.

Attractions Near Poulakerry Castle

Kilcash Castle
Kilcash Castle4.83km from Poulakerry Castle

Kilcash Castle is an Irish ruined castle in County Tipperary. Situated on the N24 road west of Ballydine, it is believed to date from the 16th century and was gradually extended over the following centuries. This building was partially repaired in the 1980s and is now safe to visit. In the graveyard, the mausoleum contains the tombs with headstones carved with elaborate scenes of the crucifixion.

Coumduala Lough
Coumduala Lough9.03km from Poulakerry Castle

A beautiful lake in Ireland and has an elevation of 472 metres. Coumduala Lough is situated east of Gleananore, close to Comeragh Mountains. It is one of the iconic attraction and there are so many things to explore here.

Comeragh Mountains
Comeragh Mountains9.14km from Poulakerry Castle

A beautiful mountain range extending from the River Suir valley near Clonmel to the coastal lowland north of Stradbally. The uplands have been heavily glaciated, resulting in a series of impressive steep-walled carries. The twelve mountains which form the Comeragh Mountains are popular for mountain climbers and hikers and the Comeragh Mountains Walking Festival is held every October and is centred on the Nire Valley.

Main Guard
Main Guard9.49km from Poulakerry Castle

The Main Guard situated on Sarsfield Street is one of Clonmel’s most recognisable landmarks. It was built at the behest of James Butler the 1st Duke of Ormonde in 1674 to provide the town with a courthouse. The previous building which had served as a courthouse had been destroyed during the Siege of Clonmel in 1650.

Old St. Mary's Church, Clonmel
Old St. Mary's Church, Clonmel9.75km from Poulakerry Castle

Old St. Mary's Church, also known as St. Mary's Church of Ireland Church, is a medieval church in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland. The Church's main features are a 27 ft square, 84 ft high bell tower, the eastern tower house, and ornate 16th Century east and west windows. The Tower had, at one time, a wooden spire and belfry, which has not been restored. Crenellated parapets suggest that this was a fortified structure.

South Leinster Way
South Leinster Way10.51km from Poulakerry Castle

The South Leinster Way is a long distance walking route which runs from Kildavin, Co. Carlow to Carrick-on-Suir in Co. Taking five days to complete, the picturesque South Leinster Way runs southwestwards from the village of Kildavin in County Carlow, through parts of County Kilkenny and finishes in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary.

Where is Poulakerry Castle

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County Tipperary is a county in Ireland. It is located in the province of Munster. The county is named after the town of Tipperary, and was established in the early 13th century, shortly after the Norman invasion of Ireland. It is also the largest landlocked county in Ireland.