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Attractions to explore near Kolaramma Temple

Kolaramma TempleFort Area, Kolar, Karnataka 563101, India

The temple which is built in Dravida Vimana style and dates back to the Ganga period. There is so many renovatipons and additions has done in this architectural wonder.

Nearby Attractions

(ANTARA GANGE) Shree Kaashi Vishwanatha Temple4.17 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

This temple is located in a beautiful place which is surrounnded bby mountains. The temple has main shivalingam and around five other lingams on the side of the main matapa. The devotees believes that the waterbody surrounded by the temple is the sacred Ganga and it has been falling from the head of Shiva.

Devanahalli Fort48.23 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

Known for its historical significance and archaeological brilliance. The fort is a living example of the extensive battles fought and won and of the royal families

HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum53.54 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

One of the major public attractions in Bangalore inaugurated in 2001 at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. The museum boasts of the giant leaps Indian aviation has taken both commercially as well as in terms of defense.

Nandi Hills 55.53 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple


The hills are near the town of Nandi. It is once used as the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan, Nandi Hills is scattered with shrines and monument, and is surrounded by beautiful views, making this place no less than a hidden paradise

Sri Chandra Choodeswara Temple56.24 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

The Chandrachoodeswar temple is situated in the top of a hill at Hosur and was built by Thirupuvanamalla Barvatharaja Anthiyazhvar of the Hoysala dynasty in the year 1260. It is dedicated to the god Shiva and Parvathi. The whole temple is made up of stone and there is a beautiful raja gopuram on top of the prime entrance.

Skandagiri Hills58.31 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

Historically known as Kalwarbetta.Trekkers paradise, mountain, natural beauty

Bangalore Palace61.21 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple


An epitome of great architecture and beauty which is preserved in it the spice of old regal opulence. Which is now the host for many cultural events, marriages, rock shows apart from a tourist destination.

Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum61.49 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple


A constituent unit of the national council of science museums having nine exhibition halls. all of them are giving us more knowledge about science and technology in this fastest-growing world.

Cubbon Park61.81 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple


Major sightseeing attraction rich in green foliage. It is a green belt of the region and is an ideal place for nature lovers to spread over 300 acres.

Suvarna Vidhana Soudha61.87 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

Vidhan Soudha counts as Most impressive as well as most magnificent buildings in the Bangalore city mainly famous for housing the legislative chambers of the state government

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath62.67 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple


With 18 galleries, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is a visual art complex located in Bangalore. The major collection of the gallery consists of paintings, sculptures and folk art. Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath also runs the nearby College of fine arts.

Horsley Hills63.45 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

This is a series of hill sin Andhra pradesh. The local name of the hill was Yenugu Mallama gonda after a legend of a saintly old woman named Mallamma who lived atop the hill and was fed by elephants . In contrast to the dry and hot surrounding, this area is well vegetated with cooler climate. This made it attractive as a hill station and a tourist spot.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden63.53 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

One of the prime most tourist attractions in India. It was commissioned by the Mysore ruler in 1760 and finally implemented by his son Tippu Sulthan

Bangalore Fort64.00 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

One of the ancient heritage in Bangalore having an amazing history to say

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace64.37 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

Magnificient accommodation of the valiant ruler of the Mysore- Tippu sultan. This is an example of Indo Islamic architecture. The opulent palace is once used as a summer retreat by the king and was often referred as the abode of happiness

ISKCON Temple Bangalore65.23 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple


One of the largest ISKCON temples in the World. The temple is a huge cultural complex which has deities of Radha and Krishna located at a hill in Rajajinagar

Krishnagiri Fort67.23 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

This fort is perched on a hillock which can be accessed by a flight of stairs, it was built in the 16th century by Krishnaddevaraya. This fort has an important role in the history of Tamilnadu.

Rayakottai70.15 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

One of the protected monuments of the Archaeological survey of India. This is built on a hillock which is higher than any other hillock in the vicinity.

Bannerghatta Biological Park71.54 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple


Founded in 1970. A portion is also a biological reserve. Popular destination with a zoo, a pet corner, an animal rescue center, a butterfly enclosure, aquarium, snake house, and a safari park

Muthayala Maduvu71.83 KMs away from Kolaramma Temple

Also called as Pearl valley. The place is well known for its cascades and the mountain ranges. Nearby the falls, there is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva