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Horsley Hills - Things to Know Before Visiting

Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh 517352, India

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About Horsley Hills

This is a series of hill sin Andhra pradesh. The local name of the hill was Yenugu Mallama gonda after a legend of a saintly old woman named Mallamma who lived atop the hill and was fed by elephants . In contrast to the dry and hot surrounding, this area is well vegetated with cooler climate. This made it attractive as a hill station and a tourist spot.

Attractions Near Horsley Hills

Kadiri Konda Narasimhaswamy Chenchu Laxmi Temple

This is an ancient Hindu temple located in Kadiri, Narasimhaswamy is the presiding deity in the temple. It is believed that the lord Narasimha Swamy is Swayambhu in this place which was emerged from the roots of Kadri tree roots.

Kolaramma Temple
Kolaramma Temple63.45km from Horsley Hills

The temple which is built in Dravida Vimana style and dates back to the Ganga period. There is so many renovatipons and additions has done in this architectural wonder.

(ANTARA GANGE) Shree Kaashi Vishwanatha Temple

This temple is located in a beautiful place which is surrounnded bby mountains. The temple has main shivalingam and around five other lingams on the side of the main matapa. The devotees believes that the waterbody surrounded by the temple is the sacred Ganga and it has been falling from the head of Shiva.

Skandagiri Hills
Skandagiri Hills81.41km from Horsley Hills

Historically known as Kalwarbetta.Trekkers paradise, mountain, natural beauty

Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills 83.33km from Horsley Hills

The hills are near the town of Nandi. It is once used as the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan, Nandi Hills is scattered with shrines and monument, and is surrounded by beautiful views, making this place no less than a hidden paradise

Puttaparthi85.56km from Horsley Hills

Puttaparthi is a small dusty village located in Anantapur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It has now attained international as well as national fame because of the glory of Bhagvan Shri Sathya Sai Baba. In Puttaparthy, Sai Baba Ashram was built by his ardent devotees and is called as "Prashanti Nilayam", which means abode of peace.

Where is Horsley Hills

Discover More Attractions in Chittoor, Where Horsley Hills Is Located

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The district is rich in waterfalls, temples and wild animals.