Attractions to explore nearby Archaeological Park of Urbs Salvia - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Archaeological Park of Urbs Salvia

Archaeological Park of Urbs SalviaVia Sacrario, 17, 62010 Urbisaglia MC, Italy

The archaeological park of Urbs Salvia is a state archaeological area located in the municipality of Urbisaglia. It is the largest archaeological park in the Marche. The excavation area owned by the Italian State, since 1998 has been granted under management to the Municipality of Urbisaglia, which is also the site of museum, musical and artistic events. In 2015 it registered 8 239 visitors.

Chiaravalle Abbey, Fiastra3.19 KMs away from Archaeological Park of Urbs Salvia

The abbey of Fiastra rises in the lower Valle del Fiastra near the homonymous river, in the territory of the municipalities of Tolentino and Urbisaglia, and represents the most important monastic building in the Marche. Of a style of transition from Romanesque to Gothic, it fully reflects the Cistercian influence of Lombard flavor. The most important elements of the abbey are arranged around the cloister, which is the heart of the monastery: here the monks would contemplate and meditate while wa