Lake of Cingoli in Marche, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Lake of Cingoli

Località Castreccioni, 44, 62011 Cingoli MC, Italy

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About Lake of Cingoli

The Lake of Cingoli is an artificial lake of the Marches created by a dam on the river Musone in eighty years. It is located in the municipality of Cingoli, in the province of Macerata, and represents the largest artificial basin in the Marche region, rich in aquatic fauna and migratory birds. The lake has an area of ​​over 2 square kilometers and a depth that reaches about 55 m near the dam.

Attractions near Lake of Cingoli

Monte San Vicino9.05km from Lake of Cingoli

The San Vicino is a Marche Apennines mountain summit in the province of Macerata, not far from the border with the province of Ancona.  The mountain is of Mesozoic origin and limestone rocks prevail.  The ascent to Monte San Vicino is of the hiking type and can be done following marked trails; you can start from the Prati di San Vicino. One of the picturesque locations in this area and also it attracts a lot of tourists.

The regional natural park of the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi is a protected natural area of the Marche and has its operational headquarters within the Santa Lucia complex. Inside the park there is also the hermitage of Grottafucile overlooking the Gola della Rossa. There are also the temple of Valadier and the hermitage of Santa Maria Infra Saxa. Extending for about 9170 hectares on the Apennine side of the province of Ancona.

Santuario di Santa Maria infra Saxa16.84km from Lake of Cingoli

The hermitage of Santa Maria Infra Saxa is located in Genga, in the Marche region, in the same cavity in which the neoclassical Temple, called del Valadier, is located. The Hermitage was built between the rocks and is partially excavated in the cave wall. The first written records of the hermitage date back to 1029 and speak of a cloistered female monastery inhabited by Benedictine nuns.  It is believed that once the population took refuge in these caves to escape the attacks of the invaders.

Via Grotte di Frasassi17.67km from Lake of Cingoli

The Frasassi caves are underground karst caves located in the territory of the municipality of Genga, in the province of Ancona. The complex of caves falls within the Regional Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi.  The complex consists of a huge series of underground rooms of which the first, which can be easily visited by the public, is the Abisso Ancona, a huge cavity that has an extension of 180 x120  m and a height of 200 m; it is so large that the Duomo of Milan could easily be con

Palazzo Pianetti17.95km from Lake of Cingoli

Palazzo Pianetti is an ancient noble palace in the city of Jesi, in the Marche region. Today it is the seat of the Civic Art Gallery.  It was the ancient city residence of the Marquises Pianetti, a noble and prestigious family aggregated to the Jesina aristocracy since 1659. It represents the most significant of the buildings that belonged to the rich local noble families and the only example in Italy of the Rococo style of Central European influence.

Esino21.03km from Lake of Cingoli

The Esino is a river in the Marche region of central Italy. It is one of the most important rivers in the región because of the size of its drainage basin. Since 1995, the area around the Esino has been permitted to produce red and white Italian DOC wines and it makes it a picturesque location.

Where is Lake of Cingoli

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Marche is a central region of Italy on the east coast composed of rolling hills and fertile plains at the base of the Apennine mountains. It is bordered by Umbria in the west, Emilia-Romagna to the north, and Abruzzo to the south.