Monte San Primo in Lombardy, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Monte San Primo

Monte San Primo, 22025 Lezzeno, Province of Como, Italy

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About Monte San Primo

The Monte San Primo is a mountain of Lombardy located in Comasche foothills of the Alps, which grows to a height of 1,682 m above sea level, that finding of the province of Como is the highest peak of the Larian Triangle and overlooks the shores of Lake Como and Bellagio.  It is a very popular peak for hikers and families thanks to a simple and safe route and a spectacular panorama that allows you to admire both branches of Lake Como.

Attractions near Monte San Primo

Villa del Balbianello5.43km from Monte San Primo

Villa del Balbianello is a historic building located in Lenno , on the shores of Lake Como . The villa is located on the tip of the Lavedo peninsula , a promontory that extends into the lake and which took the name of "Balbianello" from the building itself. The complex is owned by the Italian Environment Fund. The villa is now home to private events such as weddings, ceremonies and even film or photographic sets.

Isola Comacina5.9km from Monte San Primo

The Comacina Island is a strip of land surrounded by Lake Como. It is located in the municipality of Tremezzina, at the inlet of the western coast of the Como branch between Argegno and the Lavedo peninsula, in the waters in front of the Zoca de l'oli: it is the northernmost area of ​​Italy where, in a particularly mild climatic condition, the olive tree is grown and olive oil is produced. The island now consists of a restaurant, cafe, a collection of archaeological sites and the three artist ho

Villa Carlotta7.93km from Monte San Primo

Villa Carlotta is a building located in the municipality of Tremezzina in the province of Como and located on the shores of Lake Como. The villa is famous both for the art collections kept inside and for the vast botanical garden that surrounds it, part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani circuit.  An illustrious figure in Milan and art collector, in contact with the most illustrious artists of the period, Sommariva modified the interior of the villa in order to enrich it with works from his collect

Val d'Intelvi11.48km from Monte San Primo

The Val d'Intelvi or Intelvi Valley is an area vallivola mountain located in the province of Como, near the border with Switzerland.  The valley is made up of two main branches: a southern one, crossed by the Telo stream that flows into Lake Como at Argegno, and a northern one, crossed by the Telo di Osteno that flows into Lake Lugano at Osteno.

Villa Monastero11.9km from Monte San Primo

Villa Monastero is a villa located in Varenna in the Province of Lecco and located on the shores of Lake Como. The villa houses a botanical garden, a house museum, and is a convention center.  Villa Monastero is an eclectic villa with a Nordic taste. The building is initially a Cistercian female monastery founded at the end of the twelfth century in Varenna.  Inside Villa Monastero, a house museum was established which preserves the collection of scientific instruments belonging to Giovanni Polv

Castello di Vezio12.06km from Monte San Primo

The Vezio castle stands on a promontory at the bottom of the Val d'Esino and overlooks the town of Varenna. The castle is located almost entirely in the territory of Varenna, and for a small portion in the territory of Perledo. The hamlet of Vezio belongs to Perledo in the province of Lecco . Dating back to the 11th century, the castle was remodeled several times over the centuries.

Where is Monte San Primo

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About 10 million people, forming one-sixth of Italy's population, live in Lombardy and about a fifth of Italy's GDP is produced in the region, making it the most populous and richest region in the country and one of the richest regions in Europe.