Val d'Intelvi in Lombardy, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Val d'Intelvi

Val d'Intelvi, 22028 San fedele Intelvi CO, Italy

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About Val d'Intelvi

The Val d'Intelvi or Intelvi Valley is an area vallivola mountain located in the province of Como, near the border with Switzerland.  The valley is made up of two main branches: a southern one, crossed by the Telo stream that flows into Lake Como at Argegno, and a northern one, crossed by the Telo di Osteno that flows into Lake Lugano at Osteno.

Attractions near Val d'Intelvi

Monte Generoso5.53km from Val d'Intelvi

Monte Generoso is the main panoramic peak of Canton Ticino and one of the most fascinating ones in Switzerland. There are many hiking trails that allow you to reach the summit starting from Rovio, Mendrisio, Castel San Pietro, but also by the Muggio Valley.  This lofty altitude makes it without a doubt the best mountain for views in the canton of Ticino.

Swiss Customs Museum6.02km from Val d'Intelvi

The Customs Museum illustrates past and present of the management and surveillance of the borders (fight against illegal traffics and forgery, prevention of trade in endangered species, and much more) and tells stories about a region which identity has been always defined by the border. A visit to the museum may be ideally combined with a walk through the picturesque surroundings or a meal in one of the nearby caves where you can enjoy the best Ticino fare. There are also picnic areas alongside

Isola Comacina7.79km from Val d'Intelvi

The Comacina Island is a strip of land surrounded by Lake Como. It is located in the municipality of Tremezzina, at the inlet of the western coast of the Como branch between Argegno and the Lavedo peninsula, in the waters in front of the Zoca de l'oli: it is the northernmost area of ​​Italy where, in a particularly mild climatic condition, the olive tree is grown and olive oil is produced. The island now consists of a restaurant, cafe, a collection of archaeological sites and the three artist ho

Lake Lugano8.59km from Val d'Intelvi

Lake Lugano is at the southernmost tip of the Tessin, the holiday region south of the ridge of the Alps, and it reaches its arms out into Italy. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, there are even citrus fruit trees growing here, and visitors can sunbathe under palm trees. The lake has a number of different branches and is surrounded by mountains. There are so many things to see in and around the lake.

Monte Brè8.78km from Val d'Intelvi

Monte Brè is a small mountain east of Lugano on the flank of Monte Boglia with a view of the bay of Lugano and the Pennine Alps and the Bernese Alps. It is considered one of the sunniest points in Switzerland.  Since 1912, the Monte Brè funicular has led from Lugano Cassarate to Monte Brè.

Monte Boglia9.16km from Val d'Intelvi

Monte Boglia is a mountain whose peak is along the border of Ticino, Switzerland, and Lombardy, Italy. It reaches an elevation of 1,516 meters and overlooks Lake Lugano on its southern side. It was one of the picturesque locations in this area and a lot of tourists have been attracted to this area because of its natural beauty and also its wilderness.

Where is Val d'Intelvi

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About 10 million people, forming one-sixth of Italy's population, live in Lombardy and about a fifth of Italy's GDP is produced in the region, making it the most populous and richest region in the country and one of the richest regions in Europe.