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Sreeragh Pushpan


Unplanned road trips & a mind to explore

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Nice harbour side beach with an amazing view. While we were there were many dredging ships helping with harbour maintenance.


Budha temple on a hilltop with a view of mist clad mountains and a tall pagoda.


We didn't go up the tower, just roamed around the bottom park. Recommend to go up, the view of Kula Lumpur from up there worth the sight.

Batu CavesNov 2019

Huge cavern with limestone structures and temples inside. At Batu caves, the whole mountain is a cave. Had to climb a flight of steps to reach here bu

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RamakkalmeduSep 2019

The adventurous Ramakkalmedu. You have to hike up a bit to reach the top. In the topmost part sits a tall rock and upon climbing it you will feel li

PanchalimeduSep 2019

Hilltop viewpoint with a park. The cool climate is a nice escape from the hot weather of Thiruvananthapuram.