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Adarsh MP

Trip from 01 Nov 2019 to 26 Nov 2019

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01 Nov 2019

Lan Kwai Fong

If you’re hoping to party it up in Hong Kong, look no further than Lan Kwai Fong

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02 Nov 2019

The Star Ferry

This super cheap transportation shuttles hundreds of people back and forth between Hong Kong Island and the mainland with the bonus of amazing views. Sure, you can take the metro that travels unde...

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Soho, Hong Kong

In case you hadn’t already gotten your fill of nightlife, Hong Kong’s SoHo District will fill your cup

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Victoria Peak

An incredible skyline

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Montane Mansion

It’s a residential area where hundreds of units stack high in the sky and encompass a courtyard down below. For all the wannabe Instagrammers out there its a fun place to grab a photo. I wouldn’t g...

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03 Nov 2019

Temple Street Night Market

City’s best after-hours market, where vendors have spread out their tables with everything you could think of for sale at a market – tea, produce, meats, electronics, clothing, gifts, and even read...

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Jordan Road

Neon soaked hotspot. It’s pretty much everywhere in Hong Kong, but for a lot in a small area, Jordan Road is a great choice.

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04 Nov 2019

Golden Bauhinia Square

A symbol of reunification and an emblem of Hong Kong. The promenade in front also has a nice view of the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour

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26 Nov 2019

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

It's nicknamed Instagram pier for a reason! Still it's an atmospheric place to wait and the view is pretty hard to beat.

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