Double Root Bridge

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2015

The hike to the root bridge was very very hard. You have to descend and ascend 3500 steep steps through on your journey back and forth, the most intense leg day I ever had ;) The view throughout the hike is breath taking, surroundings covered in lush greenery and rocky mountains which turn to large waterfalls in rainy season. The highlight of the hike was the crystal clear blue lagoon in the wild river in between (I have added it as a separate place in my map). We took a refreshing dip in it, it was so beautiful and incredibly adventurous. The double decker bridge is a wonder. It takes around 20-30 years for it to grow fully and become useful, have to admire the patience of the people making it. They construct the bridge using aerial roots of Rubber Fig Trees. The villagers lays the root on small structures and in many years, the roots will overgrow the structures and will be big enough to support weight of the people. All over the area surrounding the double root bridge, there are many other single root bridges too. I will recommend anyone to visit the place, especially because of the blue lagoon on the way. But be prepared. The hike is very hard. Bring enough snacks and water.

Location of Double Root Bridge