Arwah Lumshynna Cave

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2015

First time going inside a limestone cave. Terrifying as well as awesome time we had. There was a guide available whom we hired which turned out to be a real good move. He walked us through all the passages and explained everything. For the hundred rupees we tipped him, the experience was very  worth the money. I will recommend anyone visiting the cave to hire the guide. There are many chambers and narrow passages in the cave. There is stream flowing inside the cave and in the walls, fossils of fish and other insects can be found. Its very dark and creepy inside especially when crawling through the narrow tunnels. Feels like the walls on each side going to merge together sandwiching you in between. We spent over an hour here and could have even spent more if I was not so terrified. The way to the cave is through a damaged road that is connected to the main road of Sohra-Shella. It will take you a kilometer or so away from the cave entrance and then you have to hike through forest. The trail is maintained well with rock paving. There are also a number of viewpoints in between with views of the valleys below and of the steep and rocky mountains that surronds the area.

Location of Arwah Lumshynna Cave