Wah-kaba Falls

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2015

This is a giant waterfall with an incredible view of the gorges down below. Situated right on the road side, it is easily accessible and needs a short hike to reach it. There is also a smaller waterfall on the way to the much bigger Wah-kaba. The water drops from a steep rocky side and plunges hundreds of meters down to a gorge. The hilld side in a U shape is full of this 90 degree, very tall drops and it looks astounding (something similar to that of the grand canyon in Arizona US). We can even go to the edge of the waterfall and the drops, there are safety barriers in place to prevent any accidents. It still is very scary though standing in the the edge. The water flowing through the falls in crystal clear but surprisingle the water taste nasty. There are many coal mines in the area, may the water mix with coal and acquires this taste. Also, be careful of the steep drops in an around the fall area. Should be careful standing on top of the waterfall as well, its very windy everywhere. And speaking of standing on top of the fall, please check the water volume before even thinking of doing so. We were visiting post rainy season so there was no issue with that but I am pretty sure that it is not the case during heavy rains. If you are in the area, or generally in Meghalaya/ Shillong, do not miss this fall. It offers one breathtaking experience.

Location of Wah-kaba Falls