Anachadikuth Waterfalls

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2017

The place has a natural fish spa!  Foranyone who wants to shower under a waterfall, this is the definite place. The water is not too strong, pit underneath the falls is not deep and there are schools of fishes that bites your leg and tickles you big time. The falls is located inside a ridge of tall rocky mountains. It is very secluded and it is an ideal site for camping. You will have to hike through rubber plantations and then climb a large rock which offers views of the plantation canopy to reach the falls.  Asyou get nearer to the fall area, do ask the locals of the route and direction as it might get difficult to find the falls. Also, there three more falls and viewpoints in the same area that deserves attention. We came to know of it after exploring the falls but if you are heading there, ask the locals how to get to those places. If you can do that, almost an entire day can be spend in the area.

Location of Anachadikuth Waterfalls