Mount Batur


Mount Batur

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2013

This hike was a dream come true for me. I always wanted to see a volcano and that happened in Bali. In the second day of our Bali trip, we came across this beauty standing far away with a burned side and a beautiful lake below it. The hike was scheduled two days later and we returned there in a chilly morning at 3 AM to climb up to its top. It took an hour or two to reach the top where there is an amazing sunrise viewpoint. It was pretty cold for a volcano up there, even the monkeys that roam around the area were shivering. The sun soon came behind two tall peaks that lay beyond the lake below. It was a great sight and we enjoyed it with some black tea they have at a small shop at top. After the sunrise we head to the crater and it was huge! There was no fire or lava but the sight of it was terrifying- a large, smoky hollow in the middle of the peak. The areas near to the crater are covered in thick black soil (most likely volcanic ashes) and we hiked through the circular mouth of the crater- through a narrow strip that has steep steps on both its sides to head down back to the base.

Location of Mount Batur