Nusa Dua Beach

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Dec 2013

The beach is very beautiful and many adventure activities goes around its premises. We did not swim in the waters, not sure if its safe but we went for activities such as scuba diving, flying fish, water ski and parasailing. While all of them are pretty adventures, they last for only few minutes. For example the parasailing was done under two minutes- even though pretty adrenaline rushing, the duration is a sucker. Similarly for the water ski each of us were given three or four chances and not surprisingly none of us were able to do that as it was our first time engaging in the activity. May be for a regular water skiing person it is worth the money. Flying fish was awesome too, for under a minute you will be flying in a boat, holding on to its ropes for your dear life. Then again, the duration was pretty short. Apart from the other three scuba diving was worth the money. We went three hundred or so meters from the coast and then eight meters under the water. This is mainly for newbies and boy my fear of water rushed up to its peak then. I was bad at swimming, the currents were pretty strong and you can see the sharp drop of the ocean floor few meters away which is very very scary. Even though with the fear, I was able to enjoy the scuba, it was such a peaceful and unusual experience to swim through the coral reefs that were planted there. I think the scuba thing lasted for around 10 minutes or so.

Location of Nusa Dua Beach