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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Oct 2017

Second time visiting and it was a completely different view from that of the previous visit. The peak was cladded in mists and clouds which caress you throughout the trek, the amazing view like none other I have ever seen anywhere. It was cold and the trek was extremely difficult but the experience was so worth it. This was the second time I visited the peak and while the skies were clearer in the previous visit, this time it was not. Fortunately that meant I had two totally different views of the same place. Before you visit, just know that this probably is the hardest climb in Kerala. The climb is through 70 degree incline and it takes long and lot of persistence to reach the top. It is hard, so damn hard to trek to Meesapulimala. Also beware that trekking to the peak is illegal except through the packages offered by the forest department of Kerala. We didn't knew that and the driver who took as to Kolukku Malai (from where the trekking started) did not mention about it at all. After spending around one hour at the top, we had to face an angry forest guard who was kind enough to let us go. We were so lucky he didn't beat us up, he was that furious, beating his cane in the ground so hard as if imagining the ground is us. On the positive part, they do take their responsibilities seriously which is very good.

Location of Meesapulimala