Thayyeni Koomban

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Nithin Mathew

Visited on Jan 2016

One of the best hiking trails in Kasaragod District. You have to walk through forest, then grasslands to reach the peak and once on top the view is amazing! The mountains of the Wester Ghats spreads in all directions, during the sunset you will be able to see the massive number of mountain ranges that are clearly visible and the Arabian Sea some 40 km away. The peak is shared by Kerala and Karnataka states, the Karnataka side of the peak is covered in forest. In one side its a 70 degree slope where as in the other, its 90 degree, you can see the bottom from that side standing on top. The forest have wild animals, elephant the largest of them so watch out and do not make any noice at all while hiking. They can be pretty covered by the forest greenery and will appear all of a sudden right in front. Recommended to go with local (you will be able to find someone from Thayyeni Village below the peak). The trails are not cleared or properly highlighted, it will be extremely difficult to reach the peak without a local's help. Also, do not stay after sunset at all! The forest will be too creepy with the sounds and also wild animals can come to inspect the foreign smells.

Location of Thayyeni Koomban