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Nearly 25 percent of India's salt supply comes from mining in the Surendranagar area. Also a hub of cotton and ginning activities in India,

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Lake/ River/ Ponds

Nalsarovar Lake is one of the three reservoirs that flank the area of Sasan-Gir. It is home to several water birds and migratory birds due to which it is also known as the birdwatchers paradise. The most popular species of birds seen at this lake include pied woodpecker, black-headed cuckoo, eagles and many others. There is also a small temple of Lord Krishna near this lake.

Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

It is the largest wetland bird sanctuary in Gujarat, and one of the largest in India. It was declared a bird sanctuary in April 1969. Mainly inhabited by migratory birds in winter and spring, The lake attracts over 210 species of birds in the winter and harbors a variety of plants and animals.

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