2 Hindu Temples to Explore in Beed

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The district is also known as Bhir district. The name of Bhir is given by Mohammad Tughlaq.

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Hindu Temples to Explore in Beed

Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Yogeshwari Temple is consecrated to Goddess Yogeshwari who fulfils all the desires of her devotees. Located in Ambajogai village, the temple is among the most revered temples of Beed District. Yogeshwari temple stands on the western bank of the Jayanti river which flows through the city. The temple architecture is of Hemadpanthi style.

Sai Vaijanth temple

Thgis is an ancient shiva temple located at Parli vaiijnath. it is built out of stone on a small hill and is surrounded by a wall that protects it from all sides.

Map of Hindu Temples to explore in Beed