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Ambajogai Yogeswari temple - Things to Know Before Visiting

Ambajogai, Maharashtra 431517, India

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About Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Yogeshwari Temple is consecrated to Goddess Yogeshwari who fulfils all the desires of her devotees. Located in Ambajogai village, the temple is among the most revered temples of Beed District. Yogeshwari temple stands on the western bank of the Jayanti river which flows through the city. The temple architecture is of Hemadpanthi style.

Attractions Near Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Sai Vaijanth temple
Sai Vaijanth temple19.86km from Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Thgis is an ancient shiva temple located at Parli vaiijnath. it is built out of stone on a small hill and is surrounded by a wall that protects it from all sides.

Buddha Garden
Buddha Garden42.6km from Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

This is a beautiful garden Which as a huge Buddha statue in the middle of the park which was located in the Latur district.

Ausa Fort
Ausa Fort55.41km from Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Ausa fort in Latur district is one such fort that has a blurred history of itself. Ausa Fort’s prominence came to light during the fights between the Deccan Sultanates after the Bahamani Era. The Fort had been named 13 different names, but the name Ausa was the last one that it is now known by. The fort is located in a depressed ground level, and the highest point of the fort looks over the surrounding higher ground level.

Dharashiv Caves
Dharashiv Caves70.89km from Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Dharashiv Caves are the nexus of 7 caves located 8 km away from Osmanabad. The caves were taken note by Archaeological Department of India and mentioned in the book Archaeological survey of India. It has been declared as a protected monument by the government.

Dargah Hazrat Sayed Shah Turaabul Haq (R.A)
Dargah Hazrat Sayed Shah Turaabul Haq (R.A)72.01km from Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Turabul haq Dargah is a tomb of the saint Turatpeer baba Who spent most of his days in Parbhani. Dargah is best known for its annual fair, which has history of 108 years, thousands of followers of all religions and faiths gather together between 2 February to 15 February each year.

Udgir Fort
Udgir Fort85.68km from Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

Udgir Fort is a fort built in pre- Bahamani age dating from the twelfth century CE. It is also famous for the historic battle in which Marathas led by Sadashivrao Bhau, defeated Nizam, and after which the treaty of Udgir was signed. There are many old military observation points, and rest houses scattered over the surrounding hills, all built from an unusual white clay. However, all have long since fallen into ruin. Udgir Fort may also have a deep tunnel connecting it with Bhalki and Bider fort

Where is Ambajogai Yogeswari temple

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The district is also known as Bhir district. The name of Bhir is given by Mohammad Tughlaq.