Hanumangarh - 2 Attractions You Must Visit


About Hanumangarh

The district contains the archaeological site of Kalibangan ( Indus valley civilization) and Pallu. It also is known as Punjab of Rajasthan because of the majority Punjabi people in the district.

Types of Attractions in Hanumangarh

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List of Attractions in Hanumangarh

Bhatner Fort

Bhatner fort literally means the fortress of Bhatti Rajputs believed to be 1700 years old rests on an elevated land with gigantic barricades.

Kalibangan Archaeological Site

Kalibangan lies along the left bank of the dried-up bed of river Ghaggar (ancient Sarasvati). It comprises of three mounds, the larger one in the middle (KLB-2), the smaller in the west (KLB-1) and the smallest in the east (KLB-3). The excavations brought to light grid layout of a Harappan metropolis, perhaps truly ‘the first city’ of the Indian culture heritage.

Map of attractions in Hanumangarh


For more information about Hanumangarh, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanumangarh_district