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Bhatner Fort - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Ward no.21,6 no. Chungi,near kiryana bhawan, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan 335513, India


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About Bhatner Fort

Bhatner fort literally means the fortress of Bhatti Rajputs believed to be 1700 years old rests on an elevated land with gigantic barricades.

Attractions Near Bhatner Fort

Kalibangan Archaeological Site
Kalibangan Archaeological Site22.64km from Bhatner Fort

Kalibangan lies along the left bank of the dried-up bed of river Ghaggar (ancient Sarasvati). It comprises of three mounds, the larger one in the middle (KLB-2), the smaller in the west (KLB-1) and the smallest in the east (KLB-3). The excavations brought to light grid layout of a Harappan metropolis, perhaps truly ‘the first city’ of the Indian culture heritage.

Gurdwara Damdama Sahib
Gurdwara Damdama Sahib 85.62km from Bhatner Fort

This is one of the five Takhts or Seat of Temporal Authority of Sikhism. This is the place where Guru Gobind Singh prepared the full version of the Sikh scriptures.

 Bathinda Fort- Qila Mubarak
Bathinda Fort- Qila Mubarak91.02km from Bhatner Fort

This is a historically important fort in the city of Bathinda built in 1200 AD. it is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. There are so many stories based on this fort. The architecture of this fort is so amazing and it attracts a lot of people everyday.

Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib
Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib111.12km from Bhatner Fort

This is a famous Gurdwara in the name of Shri Guru Gobind Ji located inn the Faridkot district. The surroundings and the gurdwara is very beautiful and a lot of people come here daily.

Laila Majnu Mazar
Laila Majnu Mazar122.75km from Bhatner Fort

Situated at Binjaur village near Anupgarh city of Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan, the mausoleum of famous Arabic lovers Laila and Majnu remind us of the immortal love on the India-Pakistan border. There are many legends associated with the love story of Laila Majnu and the mazar.

Agroha mount
Agroha mount129.75km from Bhatner Fort

The site of Agroha is traditionally believed to be the Capital of the legendry king Maharaja Agrasena of Agrawal community. The city of Agroha was situated on the ancient trade route between Taxila and Mathura. And, therefore, it remained an important center of commerce and political activities till coming into existence of a new township of Hisar-e-Firoza (Hisar) of Firoz Shah Tughlag. A hoard of coins including 4 Indo Greek, one punch-marked and another 51 coins of Agrodaka were found from the

Where is Bhatner Fort

Discover More Attractions in Hanumangarh, Where Bhatner Fort Is Located

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The district contains the archaeological site of Kalibangan ( Indus valley civilization) and Pallu. It also is known as Punjab of Rajasthan because of the majority Punjabi people in the district.