9 attractions you should visit in Kollam - With photos & details

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Top 9 attractions to explore in Kollam

The Kollam district has a cross section of Kerala's natural attributes. It is endowed with a longer coatstline

JatayuparaJatayu Junction, Nature Park Road, Chadayamangalam, Kerala 691534, India
Theme Parks

A giant rock cladded in legends, and an incredible opportunity for adventures.

Kollam BeachKollam Beach, Kerala

A beach in southern Kerala, surrounded by unique attractions.

Kottukal Cave TempleVayala – Manjappara Rd, Kottukkal, Kerala 691306, India
Hindu Temples

The 8th century cave temple carved out of a large boulder.

KudukkathuparaKudukkathu Eco Tourism, Alayamon, Kerala 691312, India
1 Day Treks
Rock Climbing Spots
Rock Formations

Kudukkathupara is situated at a height of 850 meters above sea level. It consists of three large rocks out of which you can climb the first two rocks. The tops of the last rock, which is also the tallest is inaccessible. About four districts of Kerala and some parts of the neighbouring Tamil Nadu state can be viewed from the top of the second rock.

Oachira Parabrahma TempleOachira Rd, Oachira, Kerala 690525, India
Hindu Temples
Temple Festivals

An ancient temple and a Hindu pilgrimage site. The temple is home to Oachirakkali- a famous ritual performed here during June wherein traditional martial arts experts conduct mock-fighting in muddy water. The temple also hosts the festival of cattle, 28 days after Onam- the harvest festival of Kerala. The festival of cattle consists of gigantic idols of bull made of cloth & hay which are then pulled on giant wheels to the Oachira Temple from the sites where they are made.

Palaruvi WaterfallsRoad to Palaruvi Waterfalls, Palaruvi, Kollam, Kerala 691309, India
1 Day Treks

A 90 meters tall waterfall, surrounded by large boulders and plunging from a hill side creating pools below.

Pathimoonnu Kannara BridgeKollam - Thirumangalam Road, Kerala 691308, India

The 13 Kannara bridge or 13 Arch Bridge (Pathimoonu Kannara Bridge) is a 108-year-old bridge from the British era consisting of 13 arches. It is a major landmark on the Kollam-Sengottai railway line. The bridge connects two hillocks and stands on thirteen granite pillars each almost a hundred feet tall. The bridge is sandwiched by the Kollam-Thirumangalam National Highway on one side and the River Kazhuthurutti on the other. It is 102.72 meters (337.0 ft) long and 5.18 meters (17.0 ft) tall.

Tangasseri LighthouseThangassery Rd, Valiazhikom, Thangasherry East, Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala 691007, India

It is one of the two lighthouses in the Kollam Metropolitan area

Thenmala DamThenmala, Kerala 691308, India
1 Day Treks
Boating Spots

Thenmala Dam, located in Kollam district of Kerala is the second largest irrigation project in the state of Kerala. The water from the dam is used for irrigation and for power generation. It has the longest reservoir of the state.

Map of attractions in Kollam