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Kollam Beach

Kollam Beach, Kerala


A beach in southern Kerala, surrounded by unique attractions.

Location of Kollam Beach

More about Kollam Beach

Kollam Beach, also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach lies in the coast of Kerala facing the Arabian Sea. Surrounded by a park, a lighthouse and a port, the beach offers incredible sunset views and the washed up dredger on its shores attract lots of visitors.

In and around the beach

Apart from the usual golden sands, the cool breezes, and the lovely sunset views, Kollam beach has a collection of small, engaging attractions in its premises.

Mahatma Gandhi Park in the beach

The beach features a park that was inaugurated on 1961 by then vice president of India Zakir Hussain. The park is an exciting place especially for children and it also houses large statues of Mahatma Gandhi and a mermaid looking to the sea. The park is a great place to hangout, enjoying the sea breeze, mesmerising in the views, and also to build some cool sand castles that will never be washed away by the water.

The old port of Kollam

Kollam port which lies in the northern corner of the beach is the oldest functioning port in Kerala. The port existed before India’s Independence as Kollam was a favourite settlement for the Portuguese, the Dutch, and British in succession due to trade activities especially that of cashew nuts. 

The port is protected by Tangasseri Breakwater which extends to about 2 km into the sea, and in which visitors can walk on enjoying the views.

Century old Tangasseri Lighthouse

The 44 meter tall Tangasseri Lighthouse is a major attraction near the beach. This lighthouse was built in 1902 and prior to its construction, a tower with an oil lamp was set up in the area by the British East India Company. The light source was modified throughout it lifespan- in 1932, 1940, 1962, 1967, 1990 and 1994.

From top of the lighthouse, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of Kollam City, the beaches and the Arabian Sea spreading till the horizon. The lighthouse is located on Tangasseri Town near to the beach which is home to remnants of ancient Portuguese structures such as St. Thomas fort in ruins, a Portuguese cemetery, and a canal.

The washed up dredger Hansita

Near to Kollam Beach lies a washed up dredger that attracts lots of visitors. The dredger broke loose from its moorings and washed up on Mundakkal beach that lies in the southern side of the Kollam Beach. The dredger - called Hansita - caught in a legal tangle and had been lying anchored 3 nautical miles off the Kollam coast since November 2013. After being caught in strong winds, the vessel swept near to the beach and had been afloat there since. A large number of visitors come to the beach to see the unusual sight of the washed up dredger.

Getting to Kollam Beach

The beach is located in Kollam District of Kerala State in Southern India. Nearest large city and major railway station is in Kollam, and the beach is easily accessible as it is only walk-able distance away from the station and the city.