402 Notable Architectures to Explore in United States

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Notable Architectures to Explore in United States

 Episcopal Burying Ground and Chapel (Lexington, Kentucky)

The Episcopal Burying Ground and Chapel, located in Lexington, Kentucky, is a historic site that holds significance as a final resting place for early settlers and as a reminder of Lexington's rich religious heritage.

Adairville United Epworth Methodist Evangelical Church

Epworth Methodist Evangelical Church, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is a vibrant congregation committed to fostering spiritual growth, community, and service. Established with a focus on evangelical principles, the church provides a welcoming environment for individuals seeking to deepen their faith and engage in Christian fellowship.

Adena Mansion & Gardens Historic Site

The Adena Mansion & Gardens Historic Site is a beautifully preserved historical attraction located in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio. It is the former home of Thomas Worthington, who was Ohio's sixth governor and one of its founding fathers. The site offers a glimpse into early 19th-century life, Ohio's political history, and the architectural and horticultural achievements of the time.

Alfordsville Union Church‎

The Alfordsville Union Church in Daviess County, Indiana, stands as a historical and cultural landmark with deep ties to the community. It stands as more than just a place of worship; it represents a link to the past, embodying the history, values, and communal spirit of the local area.

All Saints Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church of All Saints in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a vibrant and inclusive religious community deeply rooted in Episcopal traditions. Established over a century ago, it stands as a beacon of faith, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and fostering a spirit of inclusivity.

Allen Chapel Ame

Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Terre Haute, Indiana, holds historical significance as a prominent religious institution within the African American community. The African Methodist Episcopal Church itself has a rich history, originating in the early 19th century as a response to racial segregation and discrimination within predominantly white Methodist churches.

Antioch Baptist Church

Antioch Baptist Church, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, is a historic religious institution with deep roots in the local community. Established in [the early 20th century], the church has served as a spiritual home for generations of parishioners, offering worship services, religious education, and community outreach programs.

Arch in the Town of Marshall

The Arch in the Town of Marshall, also known as Marshall Arch, is an arch spanning State Road 236 in downtown Marshall, Indiana, United States. The wooden arch has a span of 51 feet (16 m); it is supported by concrete piers and has a clearance of 17 feet 7 inches (5.36 m) at its highest point.

Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens

The Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens, located in Jefferson County, Birmingham, Alabama, is a historic plantation house and garden that offers visitors a glimpse into the antebellum era of the American South. This beautifully preserved estate provides a rich cultural and historical experience, combining the charm of a 19th-century Southern mansion with the serenity of lush gardens.

Ascension Catholic Parish

The Church of the Ascension, located in Kentucky, is a historic landmark that serves as a center of worship and community for its congregation. Established in 1878, this architectural gem showcases a Gothic Revival-style reflecting the design aesthetics of its era and adding to its charm and character.

Ashland Covered Bridge

The Ashland Covered Bridge, also known as Ashland Bridge, is a historic wooden covered bridge located in Hockessin, Delaware. It spans across Red Clay Creek and is one of the few remaining covered bridges in the state.

Aspen Chapel

Aspen Chapel is a beautiful building located in Pitkin County. The building was designed by renowned architect, Charles Elliot Saltzman and completed in 1981. The chapel is built out of concrete, stone, and glass, with a large skylight that allows natural light to fill the space. The building is set amidst stunning natural scenery, and features a large pond and a variety of trees and plants. Inside, the chapel seats up to 120 people and features stained glass windows, a marble altar.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a historic Catholic church located in Plattenville, Louisiana. Established in the mid-19th century, the church is renowned for its striking architecture, characterized by Gothic Revival influences.

Ave Maria Grotto

Ave Maria Grotto, located in Cullman, Alabama, is a unique and captivating religious and artistic attraction that draws visitors from around the world. This remarkable site is renowned for its miniature reproductions of famous religious buildings and shrines, making it a place of both spiritual reflection and artistic wonder.

Baker Presbyterian Church

The Baker Presbyterian Church, situated in Louisiana, is a cherished spiritual sanctuary and a cornerstone of the local community. Established in 1905, the church's architecture reflects a sense of tradition and reverence.

Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral

The Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral, located in Bardstown, Kentucky, is a historic Roman Catholic church that holds significance as one of the oldest Catholic churches in the United States west of the Appalachian Mountains.

Basilica of St Adalbert

The Basilica of St Adalbert stands as a symbol of faith and beauty in the small town of Kent County, Michigan. Built in 1898 for Polish immigrants who were flocking to this community, the Basilica serves as a longstanding centerpiece for generations of believers. An example of timeless Romanesque-style architecture, it features impressive stained glass windows and tiled floors crafted with evidence of intricate patience and thought.

Basilica of St. Francis Xavier Proto-Cathedral

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is a prominent Catholic cathedral located in Vincennes, Indiana. It stands as one of the oldest Catholic churches in the United States, with a rich history dating back to the late 18th century. The cathedral's architecture reflects a blend of different styles, including French and Gothic influences.

Basilica of St. John

The Basilica of St. John is a Minor Basilica of the Catholic Church in the Drake neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa, United States. It is also a parish church in the Diocese of Des Moines. The church building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption

The Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption, located in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio, is a magnificent and historically significant religious landmark that serves as a spiritual center for the local Catholic community. The Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption is not only a place of worship but also a testament to the enduring beauty of Gothic Revival architecture. It stands as a symbol of faith, history, and cultural heritage in Marietta.

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